“A Different Way of Finding Tranquility”

In modern psychotherapy it’s thought that by not reacting to stimuli a person is shutting down and becoming depressed. Yet in spiritual ways of living after one has fully bloomed to know their feelings a person learns to control their feeling and not be affected by their senses. It’s a totally different way of looking at the world.


In this day and age most people are overwhelmed with sensory stimuli to the point of terrible anxiety. And to the normal mainstream psychoanalytic way of thinking it’s OK to be constantly connected to our senses and to the world of Maya. Yet all the great teachers of the past, the great spiritual people and avatars have all come to teach us that being in stillness in meditation, in nature, and contemplation without thinking is more important. Because in that stillness we truly find ourselves and bloom beyond the mind.

But in the psychoanalytic way of looking at life if one is not always thinking then there is a lack of life and lack of initiative. Yet if we look at those who changed the world more than any others over the last few thousands of years such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and more we find just the opposite. These individuals who taught love, who taught going inward in silence took more action and had a huge impact on the world… thus their must be something to this letting go of thinking.

In the psychoanalytic way of looking at life we are to constantly question everything. Yet with a spiritual way of life we are to surrender everything to that which is all knowing, all pervasive, and omnipotent. Allowing destiny to move our life down the correct path with complete surrender. To accept “Thy Will Be Done” instead of “My Will Be Done” thus we find peace by allowing the world to do whatever it is that the world is doing and “Be in the World— But Not of It”. Thus to do what we know we are to do, according to the still small voice within— the voice of God, the Universe and Great Spirit.

Many people do psychoanalytic therapy for years and don’t see any significant changes in their life. And many times they still have all the same worries and fears they started out with. While those who have some kind of spiritual awakening change drastically, and sometimes become totally different people. This happens because of the expression of God, the Universe, and Great Spirit that comes from within and starts to express itself in every aspect of life.

It’s not to say that talk therapy is not important, it is. To talk to a friend and get things off our chest is important. But once we awaken we start to understand where thoughts arise from, and start to understand the fleetingness of thoughts and know that sooner or later all thoughts dissipate and peace once again filters in. Knowing that thoughts and feelings come and go and that none of them on the average are really that important. And that out of the 30,000 to 40,000 thoughts we have daily only one or two of them have any importance at all.

Thus instead of being overwhelmed by thinking, we allow ourselves to exist in the space between thoughts and thus find true contentment, peace, and bliss. Therefore the spiritual person has gone beyond the idea of “I Think— There for I Am” and thus has arrived at a place of “I AM— That I AM”.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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