“Balancing Life = Spiritual Fulfillment”

It’s important to schedule our day according to what we need to get done and to what we need to take care of spiritually. It’s important to balance our day and make sure we spend time doing some kind of spiritual practice. For most people spiritual practice doesn’t even cross their mind. But living a balanced life and doing spiritual practice daily is vital if we want to have inner peace.


Mind –  At Least 1 Hour Daily – It’s important to take care of our mind, this means reading, writing, and doing crossword puzzles and doing whatever we can to gain more knowledge. for knowledge is also important. It’s important to put in at least 1 daily for taking care of our mind. If our mind is nourished with new calming and centering information, especially spiritual reading we feel happier and thus we feel more at peace.

BodyAt Least 9 Hours Daily –  By taking care of our body by doing aerobic exercise, lifting weights, bike riding, walking, swimming, doing yoga, QiGong, Tai Chi, and other ways of invigorating the body we feel physically good and much more peaceful. We also need to at least 8 sleep to regenerate our body and have a clear head and have vitality. We have a temple called our body and our body where Great Spirit lives in our heart so it’s vital to care of our body daily. And this also means taking time to fix nutritious meals of fruits and vegges, and not partaking of fast food and process food. And with people lots of people becoming obese and not watching what they eating, or exercising, balancing this aspect of life is vital for a long, happy, and peaceful life.

Spirit – At Least 2 Hours Daily and More on the Weekends – Taking care of our spirit is the one thing that most people forget about completely. We take for granted that God, the Universe, and Great Spirit are there for us, but we don’t take the time to meditate, contemplate, chant, and repeat the name of God over and over again daily. Thus giving gratitude and love to that which is our destiny. This is the one missing part of most people’s lives… which in reality is the most important.

Relationships At Least 1 Hour Daily and More on the Weekends – It’s vital that we take time for our family daily, at least 2 hours. Sitting down to eat meals together, having fun together, bonding, talking, and enjoy the company of the ones we love is important. We also pass along our family values to our children during this brief amount of time. And right now most people don’t even eat dinner together, and we wonder why our children are acting out and we have problems at home. Time at home with our loved ones is very important and vital for a healthy society. The ones we love have God in their heart, so it’s important to interact with that divine presence in all of them. Even going to the grocery store shopping with the kids and interacting with them can be a great time to connect and open our hearts.

Social LifeAt Least 2 Hours Daily and More on Weekends – Friends are the icing on the cake of life. We don’t get to choose our extended family but we do choose our friends. And spending time with friends and laughing, talking, and enjoying each others company is very important for creating a peaceful, settled, balanced mind. Instead of cocooning ourselves into our homes it’s important to get out and do things with all the people we love in our life. But at the same time also spending too much time on social life can cause challenges— it’s important that everything be in balance.

Financial Life8 Hours Daily—5 Days a Week –  Most people spend at least 8 hours a day working and making money and that’s and good. But when we start working 12 or 16 hours a day it takes over our lives… and that leads to anxiety and lack of peace. And our lives become unbalanced at that point it’s kind of like a bunch of dominos… everything in our life starts tumbling down. So keeping our financial life in balance is very important. And it’s always important to do what we do for a living with God, the Universe, and Great Spirit in mind… we are always happier that way.

Of course this is just a basic outline that will vary on weekends and according to the specific needs of each individual and family. But there are many areas that need to be attended too daily, and when we live a balanced life we feel better and find peace… and feel connected to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit with contentment.

Remember Having Balance is the Key to Having a Great Life.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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