“The Five Aspects of Man”

“It’s Important to Focus on the First 3” 

“We have 3 very important aspects that need our attention”

If we hold up one hand we have 5 fingers and each finger represents one aspect of man. The first three fingers represent aspects which are of great importance, but most people spend most of their time delving into the last two aspects which keep us from ever attaining eternal peace.


Pure Being – We are “THAT” which is a state of being, as with the burning bush saying “I AM that I AM” it did not say I am Bill, Bob, or anything else, it was and is that which has existed and would continue to exist for all eternity… and it’s very existence is pure BEING. It’s only our mind that becomes confused. Our heart watches over our mind and notices that the mind is confused, thus the essence of who we are deep down inside is never confused. We are “THAT” which is divine.

Eternal Consciousness – We are the awareness which watches over every single thing that we do right now and will do in the future. Thus we are always aware of all that exists in this reality and in all other realities. So far we have not raised our vibration to a point of remembering our divinity… but it’s coming. We are pure awareness which watches over all. We have all the knowledge of the multiverse at our disposal yet we negate the fact that we are pure consciousness.

Unconditional Love – We are love and there is nothing higher in the way of vibration than love. Love is the reason we incarnated on this planet and into this dimensional plane of existence. There are multiple realms of existence going on right now, right here all at the same time, all of the higher realms are of the most High – God. This reality has been attested too by all the great avatars. Right now we are in the process of purification in order to reach the realm of pure love and bliss. Everyone eventually attains this state. There are many different paths and they all lead to the same light.

Time – Right now we live in this reality of time. In this realm what we attest to everyday as our true reality for work, family, and all the rest of what we call the here-and-now is not a true reality. But we are constantly locked into this reality. The truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as time for those who have raised themselves to a higher vibration, a vibration of God, the Universe, and Great Spirit. We step into this realm of timelessness every once in a while when we are so engrossed in something we love. Then all of a sudden time disappears and we step outside of time for just a little while. Unfortunately, this is not our normal state… but we are progressing.

Space – We think that all that exists contains the element of space and that we have these dimensions that we live in. Those who have attended higher consciousness, a state of being, and a vibration of pure love attest that there is no such thing as space. Even today scientists are proving that we live in a holographic creation being produced in order to purify our love. The whole universe is a holographic creation made to specific specifications for our vibrational advancement towards the attainment of unconditional love.

None of what we see in time and space are real, yet we are so caught up in this way of thinking that we have forgotten that we are nothing but pure being, consciousness, and love. But as man awakens time and space will disappear and omnipresent and omnipotent beings that we are will unfold.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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