“Super Glue for the Heart”

“How to Heal a Broken Heart”

Right now we use superglue to put things back together as like new, mending cups, plastic articles, and lots of other items within seconds. But if a heart is broken what do we use?


Talk to God – There is one supreme energy that knows all and is omnipresent and thus God, the Universe, and Great Spirit knows exactly what a person needs to heal their heart. It may not be apparent to that person, but their still small voice within knows everything. So ask God questions and listen for His answers, for God is always with you. And God has an even more important direction for you to head, one door closes and another opens that is the way of life.

Time is a Great Healer – It’s important to allow ourselves to have time to heal. If we never allow ourselves the time to grieve we will never heal. If we jump right back into work and don’t take any time off our wounds will fester and never heal. Thus it’s important to take some time off work and to get away, and go inside and just be with our pain. Also it’s important to accept our pain, know that pain a natural part of living and that all things come and go— it’s the natural way life.

Talk to a Friend – Everyone needs a good friend they can talk to and pour out all their heart felt emotions. If we keep all those feelings bottled up inside they will change our health and cause disease. Creating blockages in the meridians of the bodies Qi energy… thus disease takes over. But if we allow our feelings to be released by talking to a friend we eventually find peace.

Meditate Daily – We can talk to God, but we can also listen to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit. In the silence of that great loving heart we can find solace as to what happened and how we can go on and make a difference in our life… and in all the lives around us. Sitting in silence doing meditation heals the emotional turmoil within and allows peace to fill our heart.

Get Out in Nature – Nature is amazing for uplifting our spirits and making us feel good again. Being stuck inside all the time is not good for mending a broken heart. Get out of the house, go walking, to go the store, take a trip and get out in nature. Allows the trees and all the bodies of water to talk to you, they will whisper words of healing into your ear… they are there to help. Nature is God’s natural remedy for healing all ills of the mind and body.

Know That Life Will Get Better – When we have a broken heart it’s easy to feel that life is terrible and that we don’t want to go on. But as with everything else in our life we can get through this challenge. There have been many hard times in our lives, and there were times when we thrived and did amazingly well and this will happen again… it’s the natural cycle of life. All things come and go, nothing is permanent, and thus our feelings will also mend and life will take on a whole new look.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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