“Why Doesn’t God Make Everything Better?”

Many people who are looking for answers wonder why God, the Universe, and Great Spirit just doesn’t heal the world and make everything wonderful. Here is the reason why.


If God, the Universe, and Great Spirit were to end all wars, heal all the sick, and make all suffering disappear would we learn anything? The whole idea of being on this earthly plane is to learn lessons and raise our vibrations so we can move towards our true identity as divinity.

“And if God did heal everything would we learn anything?”

Take for instance if God healed all the ills in the world in the blink of an eye. More than likely we would go right back to doing all the same crazy things we do now such as destroying the environment, cheating people, and doing harm to others… because we would be the same people deep down inside. Our heart has not changed so the world would go right back to doing exactly the same old stuff and suffering would start again.

More than likely almost everyone knows someone who is doing some kind of behavior that they know is detrimental to their health or wellbeing such as not eating right, not taking their medications, gambling all the time and much more. But they keep doing all of these behaviors anyway because they have not had a powerful awakening in their heart. They know in their mind that their behavior is not good for them, but in their heart nothing has changed… so the cycle continues.

“Why do some people suffer when they haven’t done anything”.

And the answer goes back to karma, we have thousands of previous lives and in those past lives we have done many things we are not proud of, and thus we have accumulated karma that is brought forward into this life— a debut that needs to be repaid. But sooner or later we open our heart and help our fellow man and at the same time start the process of getting rid of karma.

And there are other ways to get rid of karma such as saying the name of God over again for the rest of our life. This has been talked about in all the spiritual texts as powerful and will remove karma. Then there are the avatars the ones that have raised their vibration to a much higher plane. They come and they do remove karma for some people and not for others— why? Because some people have learned their lessons and others have not. Thus removing karma and learning lessons from people who have not opened their heart might even cause harm to their overall spiritual growth in the long run.

We are here to learn lessons, open our heart, and thus change the world.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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