“Happy Thanksgiving Everyone”

Here in the states we have a holiday called “Thanksgiving” and it’s a time to reflect and count our blessings. And to remember to go inward instead of looking outward.


Over the last 50 years for many Thanksgiving has taken on a new feeling. Lots of people think of Thanksgiving as just an excuse for stuffing themselves with lots of food, watching the parade and football game and falling asleep… but that’s not how it all began.

The pilgrims had very little at first, but later in 1621 their Thanksgiving including venison, turkey, goose, duck, fish, lobster, mussels, cornbread, pumpkin, squash, and a few more things. But for many years prior to that time they had very little to eat. But by befriended the Native Americans they started to understand how to survive in the New World. So they decided to have a feast to give thanks for everything.

If a person is a beggar or a millionaire it doesn’t matter. I’ve met beggars who were very happy and billionaires who were not happy. In fact, the billionaires I’ve met were always complaining about not having enough money, or they were always thinking that someone was going to take their money. And I remember a beggar who was given some food and he immediately went to share it with friends. I find it kind of interesting that those who have very little want to share what they have and are thankful, while those who have so much live in fear.

Being thankful is a way of being, it’s not about one day of the year. It’s about remembering the fact that we have air to breathe, a roof over our head, food to eat, we have loved ones around, and we have God, the Universe, and Great Spirit with us at all times. What more do we really need? It seems that those who have a lot of material things only hoard them and are not willing to spread the wealth. And in general, they are not happy… so it’s important to remember to be thankful for having just what we need.

And with being thankful comes surrender, surrender  means letting go of desires and surrendering to a greater destiny that is put forth for our spiritual growth. And it’s all about looking within instead of looking outward for all the material things that we have. If we are poor of spirit but have lots of material things what good is any of it? Remember being rich in spirit and have little in material needs is the way of Jesus, Buddha, and many others who came to enlighten us.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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