“Three Ways to Love God”

There are those who think they must earn the love of God, the Universe, and Great Spirit— the reality is His love is given freely. But how do we grow closer to that divine presence?

Kiss the Feet of the Divine – There are those that love Great Spirit so much that they image that great form as a being like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and others and fall down and kiss those feet in their mind’s eye. They weep and feel sad that they are not in the presence of the material being, and feel sad whenever they feel disconnected. Grace is given freely to all these humble people, Great Spirit embraces their love and holds them close for all eternity.


Totally Surrender at All Times – There are those that totally surrender to God, the Universe and Great Spirit. They have let go of all ego and know that that which is omnipresent knows all things so how could they do better. So they surrender completely and allow God to totally guide their life by listening to the still small voice within and knowing that He knows best. How can that which is so small know something so infinite and know all that there is to know. We will know all of that when we traverse to the other side of the veil but for now, we will have to just be satisfied to surrender completely. And thus God, the Universe, and Great Spirit sees our total devotion and embraces us forever.

Have Unshakeable Faith in Thy Heart – To grow strong in our conviction of the presence of divinity in our lives is a testimonial to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit. This is not to say that we go out and proselytize to others and try to convert them. No nothing like that at all, it just means that we feel that great presence in every aspect of our life. And know without a single doubt that we are part of the great plan that has been set down for all eternity. This means even when things don’t work out in our favor that we know the great plan has something else in mind and thus we bend to go in that direction with great gratitude. It also means that no matter how much suffering we go through we know that we are being prepared to move even closer to Him. First, He sets the hook, then He shakes us around, then he cooks us and puts us through lots of trials and tribulations knowing that sooner or later we surrender with great adoration and have unshakable faith.

We sometimes think that if we are closer to Great Spirit that our life will be full of nothing but great peace and quiet. Absolutely not true, in fact, it’s just the opposite much of the time because life is what it is— life. But we are better equipped to handle all the ups and downs of life and thus we have great peace even while pressure is being placed upon us.

Thus with a smile on our face, we are willing to go the extra mile to do whatever it is that we have to do according to the great plan.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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