“The Power of a Single Word”

Just think of a doctor coming up and saying you have “Cancer” and all of a sudden there is a powerful feeling of doom that takes over. Or take for instance someone saying I “Love” You and a feeling of elation takes over— Words Have Amazing Power.


We take for granted the power of words, yet words have a powerful effect on our mind, body, and spirit. Take a child and tell him he’s a loser from the time he is born into his adolescent years and what do you think happens? In his own mind he becomes a loser, and thus his life is turned inside out from the very beginning. I’ve seen this happen and it’s very sad.

Every single word we say has a powerful effect upon our mind and body. 

Even the words we use with ourselves, we might even say to ourselves “Wow that person is a real pain in the rear end” and later we start having lower back pain and sciatica. We become what we think in a powerful way— yet we take it all for granted.

Take for instance the other day I was walking in the mall and I saw someone rub their nose and right away I started rubbing my nose, and I burst out laughing because it was an automatic response. And that also goes for words that we hear… they invoke a powerful automatic response that we equate as emotional or bodily changes relating to some kind of metabolic response such as getting ill or just feeling down. We have a huge connection to all feelings, words, and vibrations that come our way… whether they be self-created or created by someone around us.

And that is why in all the spiritual texts it’s highly recommended that we keep the “Name of God” on the tip of our tongue at all times. Think about the word “Car” and a long list of cars come to mind, lots of different cars with amazing capabilities. But if we think about the word “Jesus”, or “Buddha”, or “Krishna”, or any other name for God, the Universe, and Great Spirit we have a long list of feelings and ideas that fill us with awe and inspire us. And if we equate God to Love and Love to God then we also connect to the most powerful healing energy in the Universe—Love. And that’s exactly why it’s very important to say the name of God over and over again whenever our mind is not busy with a specific task.

Most of the time we think we are using our mind continually in a positive way but that’s not true.

Most of the time we are thinking random thoughts and those random thoughts create a cascade of emotions, feelings, and bodily changes. Some are good and some are negative in their relationship to mental and bodily health. Every single word we say to ourselves creates change.

Thus to say the Name of God over and over again allows us to not be influenced by the world in powerful ways. And at the same time we allow a powerful uplifting positive vibration to take over and create positive changes in our being.

As a side effect we start to feel calmer, more centered, have less anxiety, have less fear, and feel surrounded by love… what more could we ask for.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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