“5 Ways to Discover Your Purpose”

We come into this world screaming because a doctor just smacked us on our behind and we awaken to a whole new world. And before we arrived we were given a reason for coming to this earthly plane.


Have You Discovered Your Reason for Living?

We need to have a reason for living, a reason for getting out of bed every morning that makes us feel alive. A reason that drives us forward with a belief that we are creating something that will change life on this planet forever.

To just get up in the morning, to eat, walk around, and do nothing is not enough. Taking up space on this earth does not allow us to complete our task that was given to us at birth. But it takes great fortitude to walk a path all by ourselves when no one else will walk that path. It takes great determination to go forward and walk against the tide and stand out in a crowd and say no more. To stand out and be a guiding light to lots of people, when everyone else is taunting us and trying to tear us down… now that takes lots of willpower.

But those who have discovered their reason for living know deep down in their heart that no matter how hard the path becomes it’s their destiny and they will fulfill their destiny. Right now the majority of people have not discovered why they came to this earthly plane. Most are just going through the motions of living instead of having a powerful driving force that propels them forward.

5 Ways to Discover Your Reason for Living 

Try Lots of Different Things— Be not stuck on one thing until you find out exactly what you want. Explore every avenue and feel, does this path makes your heart sing every day—if not move on.

Walk a Different Path— If there is no path to be followed for a particular path then create your own path. Perhaps that particular path has not been created, so walk tall and create according to your dream.

Listen to Your Bodies Wisdom— In our gut we have as many nerve cells as we have in our brain. And that means when we have a gut feeling our second mind is try ing to tell us something about what we are doing. And our gut has not raised itself to a place of self-doubt, always follow what your gut is telling you.

Think Outside the Box— Sometimes finding our purpose means thinking outside the box. Going beyond what people feel is normal to something that is abnormal for many people, in order to create something that is amazing instead of just being one of many followers.

Be Willing to Risk it All— In order to find our purpose we have to be willing to risk everything. Being willing to turn the world upside down in order to achieve our goal by being totally different. But in doing this we must not listen to all the voices that tell us to conform to society. Yet all those who have taken this risk have changed society in positive ways. It takes great guts and willpower to not to allow society to tear us down and stop our progress, but it has been done millions of times and you can also do this.

Be strong, be bold, step out, do your own thing and reap the great benefits in the end. For your own power will set you free and thus that freedom will benefit everyone else.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider




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