“5 Powers that Overcome All Obstacles”

We have many obstacles in life and they all boil down to 5 things that can be done to change ourselves from the inside out. Here are wonderful 5 ways to set ourselves free and feel good about life.


Heal Anger with the Power of Love – One can end all anger with one important ingredient—Love. Love is the antidote for anger, and if a man immerses himself in love there is absolutely no room for anger in his life. See everything through the eyes of love, and know that everything has a reason for being. Knowing that whatever will come next will create love in the long run. Love is the antidote for anger.

Heal Greed with the Power of Giving – If we are immersed in greed there is no light in our heart and the antidote for greed is charity. To give and then to give some more. Knowing that the only things we need in this life are the ones that fill our heart with joy. And there’s nothing more joyous than helping people. Give food to those who need food, give love to those who feel downhearted, give comfort to those who feel lost, and give outstretched arms and a hug when nothing else seems to work. Giving is the key to freeing our life from greed.

Heal Falsehoods with the Power of Truth – It’s very easy to make up stories and tell lies. But in the end those small white lies always come around to create havoc in our lives. They also create a downward spiral in our vibration that keeps us from moving forward in life. Truth set us free, truth allows us to feel good about life and know without a doubt that we are unencumbered by falsehoods. Truth uplifts our heart, truth uplifts our spirit, and truth makes us feel alive. Thus truth sets us free!

Heal Desires with the Power of Reason – The constant need for this and that becomes a habit. A habit that drags us down and keeps us caught wanting more of the material world and never happy. Take for instance thinking we need a new smartphone, yet the smartphone we have still works fine and does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Yet there is a nagging feeling that we don’t have the most up to date electronic device. That’s where using our mind to reason that we really don’t need a new phone comes into play. Saying to ourselves that we have nice phone now that works fine. And thus we let go of desire for anything that’s really not needed. Reason heals all unneeded desires.

Heal Negative Thinking with the Power of Positive Thinking – All thoughts create changes in our brain, this is science. Whenever we dwell on negative thoughts we actually do damage to our brain, and thus our brain does not function well. But when we think positive thoughts changes happen our brain chemistry that heals our brain and brings about a positive change in our life. Plus most of all we just plainly feel better and uplifted when we think positive thoughts. Thus the antidote for negative thinking is positive thinking. Positive thinking has been talked about down through the ages in all the spiritual text and even by some of our greatest minds such as Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. Heal all negative thinking with positive loving thoughts.

With all 5 of these aspects in place, nothing can hold us back, for we are part of that great essence of God, the Universe, and Great Spirit.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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  1. Jacky myrie says:

    Brilliant dr paulhaider I am.loving this blessed!

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