“Be Steadfast Like a Rock”

“Our Reality Changes Depending Upon Our Thinking”

Every thought changes our reality and our reality changes depending upon our age and what we have going on in our life.


If we are sleeping and in a dreamless state of bliss then we are in one particular reality. But when we wake up and start to have desires of for a cup of coffee, more money, the need for power, the need for attention and so we start to mold our reality according to what we have going on in our mind.

If we are fearful of everything around us, then we have another reality that also brings about dis-ease which causes stress and that stress causes aches, pains, changes in our blood work and eventually disease.

And so too… those who are in their 20’s have a different mindset and thus their reality is different from someone who’s in their 40’s who has three kids, a house, and a mortgage. And once we get into our 60’s and 70’s we have a different way of thinking and thus we create a whole new reality for ourselves. And when we get to the end of our life we can be laying in our bed at the hospital and taking our last few breaths and have a totally different outlook on life… and thus a different reality.

So the world changes depending upon what we think. If we are in our 20’s and think about the opposite sex all the time then our reality reflects this and creates our life. But if we are dying and have love in our heart for everyone we create a different reality.

A few go outside of this constant change into a place of great love for everyone and everything. They are anchored in a place of peace because they are constantly bringing their mind back to the one great reality called LOVE. These people keep their mind centered on their Higher Power or God, some keep their mind centered on one word such as Jesus or Buddha. And some centered their mind on one word such as peace, joy, or contentment. Thus they never have huge emotional ups and downs taking place in their reality because their mind is steady. And this is where meditation comes into play— it keeps us centered and steady like a rock.

Our mind can be like a huge rock in the middle of a stream with the water to moving around it… it’s steadfast and does not move. The current is like the flow of all the minds in the world, always running here and there trying to do this, or trying to do that, yet never really attaining what they want in the first place—PEACE. Thus the current keeps moving and the rock stays still. The current has some ability to change on the rock, and over eons the rock will be worn away. But the rock creates a lot of change in the current of water by slowing down the water and even creating pools where the water sits for just a moment. But then again society picks up the pace and consciousness starts to flow in its normal anxious pattern.

So we can be like the rock and have a steadfast reality, or we can allow our reality to change with every single thought… it’s up to us… we have to decide… that’s our power of choice.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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