“Brought Back to Life”

“A True Story of a Man Brought Back to Life”

Once there was a man who was in the presence of a guru at a large ashram and all of a sudden he had a massive heart attack and died… but not for long.


This man was an engineer in India and he was waiting to see his guru at his ashram. The engineer was working on some free hospitals that the guru wanted to have built. And the engineer was one of many people waiting for the guru to appear. He was waiting with two other men who were both medical doctors. And then all of a sudden the engineer grabbed his left shoulder and doubled over in extreme pain and past out.

Right away both doctors checked him out and found he was dead… and probably died of a massive heart attack. But right then the guru who was walking out walked a bit quicker to the man who died and seemingly brushed something way that was invisible in the air, which actually was the angel of death coming to taken him to the other side. Then the guru came over and touched the man on the forehead.

It seemed like an eternity for the man who had died, he was in nothingness for a little while until the guru appeared standing before him. And the guru told the engineer he had a heart attack and died and now they must go see some beings of light on the other side of the veil.

And thus they walked down a large long tunnel of light that was inviting and blissful and came to a large area where 4 beings were seated. And the guru said to the beings of light, “I need this man for a little while longer please allow him to stay with me and I will take care of  him”. And the beings of light agreed and thus the guru turned to the engineer who had died and all of a sudden the engineer was looking up at the guru from his body. He was back in his body and was cognizant of all that had transpired. He knew he had died and that this guru asked that he be brought back to life for a little longer. Thus he felt wonderful coming back into his body so he could be with his guru, but at the same time missed that place of light and bliss.

Thus the doctors sent him off to a nearby hospital to be taken care of. And he was totally fine, his heart didn’t have any ill effects from the heart attack— it was as if the heart attack never happened and very soon he was released from the hospital. The next day he was back at work as an engineer working on the free hospital project.

And a couple years later after the hospital project was finished he moved to the states. And three years later he passed away peacefully in his sleep, totally comforted knowing exactly where he was headed— and what death was all about.

Many Blessings My Friend

Dr. Paul Haider


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