“Don’t Let Negative People Pull You Down”

Right now we have more negative people in the world than ever before. They seem to be waiting around every corner to comment on every single thing that’s uplifts and creates joy… don’t allow them to pull you down.


Don’t Engage Negative People – If a person finds a negative person in their midst do not engage them. Be kind but ignore them and walk the other way, these people are stanched in their way of being and are not interested in listening to anything uplifting. They are waiting to engage you and thus they will try to pull you down. They garner great satisfaction in trying to make other people miserable, so don’t give them that satisfaction— Walk the other way. Perhaps in this life when they have gone through many trials and tribulations they will come out the other side and open the door of their heart, or perhaps in another life it will happen. But for now, they are who they are and thus allow them to be who they are and let them be and send them love.

Be True to Yourself No Matter What – Think of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and more great avatars and saints that have come in the past, all of them had people who scoffed and wanted to kill them. But they had great faith and what people did in the outer world did not matter. They had a mission to carry out and they knew their mission was important. There were to spread the news that there was a greater more important world waiting… and that we were not our bodies. Plus there was a way of letting go of all desires and finding peace now. Be like them and concentrate on your mission in life.

See the Good in All Things… Even in These People – Without the darkness there is no light, all things under the sun have a reason. Concentrate on the light, concentrate on the good, concentrate on love, and immerse yourself in light, love, and all things that are positive, for all else shall pass away. Step away from the darkness and surround yourself with light. Light is love, love is light, and it only takes a small amount of light/love to brighten the darkest places in the world. Most of all always carry love in your heart, for love will set a person free from all the negativity in the world. And remember even in the darkest of hearts there is a small amount of good—Remember this and allow them to grow accordingly.

Remember the Name of God When They Attempt to Bring You Down – Whenever a negative person tries to pull you down start saying the name of God over and over again in your mind. This will negate the negative energy they are trying to push in your direction. Remember the brightest light of all is the name of God, the Universe, and Great Spirit and that name can and will overcome all things.

Do a Spiritual Cleansing After Connecting with Negative People – It’s important to do a spiritual cleansing after encountering negative energy because negative energy clings to positive energy. Thus take a dip in the ocean while saying the name of God, or make salt water in 5 gallon bucket and place your feet and legs in the bucket and say the name of God over and over again for 20 minutes. Or burn white sage or incense and say the name of God thus allowing all the negative energy to be dissipated. Thus their negative energy will be washed away and only the light of love, the light of peace, and the light of contentment will envelope you in blissful grace.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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