“A True Story About Healing a Grown Child”

A mother has a grown daughter and her daughter is a negative person who always talks terribly about everyone and everything. And the mother wants to heal her child of all that negativity— but it’s not possible.


A mother in her later years has a grown daughter who is respectful to her mother face, but disrespectful behind her back. The daughter rants and raves that this is terrible, this is bad, and that these people need to get their act together. In general, there is a lack of love in the daughter’s heart and she bemoans the world and everything in it. Yet the mother feels sad that her daughter is so very negative, and she feels as a mother she did something wrong to cause this to happen.

Yet the reality is we all come into this world from God, the Universe, and Great Spirit and pick our parents in order to learn lessons. We have millions of lifetimes of learning to enjoy with love in our heart or endure with negativity… it’s up to us. Some learn to love in the blink of an eye and others take millions of lifetimes to finally understand.

Let Not Two Lives Be Wasted:

The mother feels bad that she is not closer to her daughter. Yet there’s really nothing she can do except lover her daughter for who she is and give the rest to God. And because the mother keeps wanting her daughter to become loving and kind she herself has become hostage to her daughter’s negativity. Thus two lives are wasted, one steeped in negativity, and the other voluntarily held hostage to that negativity. Yet it’s their power of choice, and we must respect their power of choice and allow them to grow according to their great plan.

It’s not easy to watch own flesh and blood seething with negativity about everything in life. But it’s their own choice, and in reality, there is nothing anyone can do until their heart opens and love filters in.

A closed heart will not allow love in, and no matter what we want, what we do, and what to try to do— that heart will stay closed until some learning lesson comes along that brings a person to their knees and they finally surrender to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit.

So it’s important to remember: 

Your grown child does not belong to you— he or she belongs to God.

And we have no real power over our grown children— they have their own a life to lead and will play out their life accordingly.

So let go of all desires to heal thy grown child of negativity it’s not possible— instead put that energy to good use by loving God even more.

For everyone and everything will pass away—but the love of God, the Universe, and Great Spirit will always be.

Many Blessings My Friends

Dr. Paul Haider



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