“A True Story of a Ladies Last Request”

Once there was a great guru who had a devotee who was an older woman. And the older woman worked hard cooking in his kitchen making lots of food for the thousands of seekers arriving at the ashram. She loved her guru with all her heart and was extremely devoted to him. And she told her guru that when she died she wanted her guru to be there with her as she made her transition.


She worked hard for her guru for many years working in the kitchen making food for all the hungry people coming to see the guru. And after many long years of service she became ill. But her guru was traveling at the time to different towns, and it would seem that the guru did not know that she was gravely ill. So her family sent a messenger with a note to the guru. During her final moments her guru was still a long ways away, but she steadfastly would not talk to her friends or family because she had a great love for God and her guru and was waiting for him.

And no matter how fast her guru traveled by car it took 3 days to make his way back to the ashram hospital. And in the mean time the elderly lady drew her last breath. But there were those around her who said, “Look at her, there is a great glow around her body, she has not past over” and thus they left her there in the bed for 3 days.

Finally her guru arrived and quickly made his way to her bedside and blew two short breaths towards her face and she opened her eyes and looked at her guru with a wonderful smile. Then the guru kissed his finger and placed his finger on her lips, and that kiss seemed like blissful nectar, thus she closed her eyes and past through the veil to the other side. Thus she joined with God, the Universe, and Great Spirit in the white light of love, bliss, and peace.

May we all have a powerful love for a saint or guru in our heart, and thus pass over into the eternal light of love when our time comes to meet our maker.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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