“Why is Incense Important”

Down through the ages burning incense has been used for spiritual cleansing, to set the mood for spiritual practice, and to open the mind and help with stress.



The use of incense goes back to 2,000 BC and has been used in all sorts of religious and spiritual practices. And incense is still used today—why because it works to cleanse the mind, body, spirit, and to cleanse the spiritual qualities of a home and other places.

In Christianity incense has been used to cleanse a home of unwanted negative energy and to open up a pathway for prayers to reach God, the Universe, and Great Spirit. And incense symbolizes a prayer to God and is talked about in Psalms, Exodus, and Revelations in the bible. Even in the Catholic tradition incense is used for traditional purposes.

In the Jewish tradition, the use of incense goes all the way back Solomons temple and even before that. And the burning of aromatic spices has been used for centuries in the Jewish tradition. In the Torah it is said: “In every place incense shall be offered unto my name”.

In Hinduism, camphor incense and other types of incense are offered to Krishna and Rama with love. Thus allowing prayers to reach those on the other side of the veil and to connect with God.

In Native America rites, white sage is used to cleanse an area and also cleanse away negative spirits and sanctify a home or space.

In African traditions incense is used to connect to God and ancestors in order to connect with wisdom and to heal and sanctify a particular space. Usually, the eldest male in the family burns the incense in order to create healing and find wisdom.

In Buddhism incense is also used to open up a space and bring about a cleansing of the mind and body. It also allows the mind to connect to those who are departed and sanctify a space. As incense smoke moves upward also the prayers and chants of those on this plane move to the heavens.

In Spiritual traditions white sage has been used to cleanse an area using sage wands. To burn white sage and to command in the name of God that all that is not of God to leave this area— creates healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

Also, incense can help with stress and help with emotional balance. Burning incense can help with anger, anxiety, and even help with the feeling of being overwhelmed thus helping to create peace.

Perhaps using incense in your particular type of spiritual practice will enhance your spiritual process.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider


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