“Those Who Are Spiritually Sensitive”

“A True Story of a Woman Who Could See into Other Realms” 

Once there was a woman who grew up with a special gift. She could see things that others could not see. Seeing spiritual realities is a special gift that not many have but we all can develop. And this young lady had this gift even as a young child, she could see departed souls, she could see good energies, she could see negative energies and more.


In fact, she was so gifted that a laboratory wanted to check out her gift to see if it was real or not— and she accepted the challenge. They build a special room made of copper mesh so that no radio signals or any other kind of signal could penetrate the room. Then they placed people on the outside of that room far away in another part of the building that would imagine particular images— and they asked her what came to mind. And every single time she came up with the exact same image.

And one evening her husband and their little boy went to a see a play in a nearby town. The play was sleeping beauty and which has an evil witch in the play. And when they were about to leave she felt something and looked up at that ceiling and could see a darkness that enveloped the whole ceiling. And her husband asked her what she saw, and she said, “It’s all the negative thoughts about the evil witch, all the negative thoughts are all there, all the anger, all the unpleasantness just hanging there”.

And she went on to say that all thoughts are creative, that everything we think, say, and do create accordingly. So any negative thought will create more negative energy, and good thoughts create good energy.

This is nothing new, we’ve been told this down through the ages in all the spiritual texts be it the Bible and the teachings of Jesus, the teachings of Buddha, and other spiritual texts they all say the same thing. “Think only positive thoughts for everything we think creates accordingly”.

But most people take all of this for granted and don’t even think about what they are saying let alone what they are thinking. Thus we have lots of negative energy that’s put out into the world which can take over at times to wreak havoc on the world.

So it’s important that we look at our thinking and concentrate on the name of God which is a powerful positive energy whenever our mind might not be busy. Instead of just allowing our mind to wander it’s better to silently say the name of God over and over again, thus we bring about good karma for ourselves and also for the world.

For we are creative beings—thus it’s time to take hold of our power as creative beings and create a positive influence in the world. And when we think positive uplifting thoughts eventually our life moves in that direction.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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