“You Can Think Yourself Sick and the Opposite”

“New studies show that a person can think themselves sick. And that’s exactly why all the spiritual texts talk about thinking uplifting thoughts.” 

Dr. Bernie Siegel did a study and found that people lived to be as old as they thought they would live. So if a person thinks they will live to be 55 their lifespan proves that. If a person thinks they will live to be 110 their lifespan proves that we are what we think.


Negative thinking is poison, it shortens our lifespan and it starts to deteriorate our brain and the brain’s neural connections. And that also leads to stress and the release of cortisol and adrenaline which causes disease which increases blood pressure and a hundred other negative changes in the body. This shortens our lifespan and our reality of living a short life comes true. But if a person is upbeat and loves life and says they will live to be 100 they on the average live to be very old and more than likely get to 100.

But of course, there are accidents and other things that can happen that can shorten a person life. But on the average what a person believes plays a big role in how long they live. In fact, there is a special area of the brain that can kill a person in seconds if that area is triggered by what we believe. Studies show that those who believed in black magic and the power of death over another person die instantaneously because there is a part of the brain that can be activated that causes instant death. So what we believe is very important because everything in life hinges on our beliefs.

Studies have also shown according to Dr. Andrew Weil that when doctors say, “You only have a 50% chance of survival, or 30% chance of survival, we start the nocebo effect. That’s where all the negative chemicals pour into the body and start the process of creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. It would be better to give a person hope and tell them that great things can happen and allow the body to be filled with positive influencing hormones so that the body can heal.

There is even a case study of a midwife in the Okefenokee Swamp of Florida delivering 3 baby girls on Friday the 13th. And the midwife said they were going to die early— one on her 16th birthday, another on her 21st birthday, and the last one would die on her 23rd birthday. And low and behold the first girl died within 2 days of her 16th birthday, the second one died on her 21st birthday. And the third young woman was so stressed out that she checked herself into a nearby hospital a couple days before her 23rd birthday and still died on her birthday. Just like the placebo effect— the nocebo effect is powerful and will do harm— and can kill.

And when doctors say someone is terminal, incurable, and chronically ill, this all leads to the nocebo effect and a terrible outcome.

So it all goes back to what the spiritual texts have talked about for thousands of years “Be Happy, See the Good in All Things, and Think Positive Thoughts”. For some people, this is easier said than done, but with practice and learning meditation to calm the mind anyone can learn to see the light.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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