“Listen Only to the Still Small Voice”

Listen only to the still small voice that lives in your heart, the voice of love. All the rest of the hustle and bustle of the world in absolutely of no concern. Live in the moment and do what you can do now— not what others think or say you should do.


The great voice of love lives within, it’s closer to you than you are to yourself. All you have to do is to connect to that voice by stilling your mind. That’s why meditation, being in nature, and saying the name of God over and over again is so important. These things still the mind and allow all which is good to be brought forth.

The still small voice knows exactly which way you are to turn. If you have a question asking which way to go— meditate, still your mind, and then ask that question and the answer will come. Also, listen to your body, use kinesiology to see if you go weak or strong when asking a simple yes or no question. The still small voice works through your body and will strengthen you when the answer is yes and will make you go weak when the answer is no.

The simplest way to do this is to hold out your arm and have another person push down slightly on your arm to see if your arm goes weak or strong— while asking a simple yes or no question.

Be not afraid of what the world has going on. It shall be— what it shall be, for there is destiny to be fulfilled according to the karma of the world. Thus those who sow such seeds will reap according to the crop they have put into the ground of karma. Just do what you can do right now, right this second to make life better for someone, thus you have sown good seeds into the soil of karma.

See the good in all things no matter how they may look, for God, the Universe, and Great Spirit has a way of creating beautiful flowers from those things that look like fertilizer. For their needs to be fertilizer for the growth of beautiful flowers and thus all things bloom. Mankind has ups and downs, and right now mankind is on a downward slump. But soon the pendulum will climb upward once more and thus mankind will reap the benefits of the upward momentum.

Seek not to heal all things in the world, only help that beggar before you, thy neighbor, or thy friends and family— for it is all the small things that we do which add up to make changes in the world.

Believe in thyself, do not put yourself down, you are the children of the MOST HIGH— do not belittle thyself. You are endowed with great powers to make changes in the world. But work close to home, be humble, and trust in God, the Universe, and Great Spirit who works through all who believe.

Great things are coming your way— REMEMBER THIS!

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider





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