“Creating a Crack in the Armor of Ego”

It’s said there needs to be a large crack in the armor of ego in order to allow the love of God, the Universe, and Great Spirit to shine in.

The Armor or Ego

The Armor or Ego

Nothing can be done to undo ego without a crack in the armor of ego, thus allowing the light of God to shine in. And that’s why we are put through so many powerful challenges in life to make sure our ego is opened up— and thus the love of God is able to soften our heart.

Keep looking towards money and the armor of ego says strong, keep looking towards fame and the armor of ego stays strong, keep looking towards position in life and the armor of ego stays strong… but when we get down on our knees and surrender to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit then everything changes. Thus the tears of love wash away all that keeps our soul from shining bright.

Creating a crack in the armor of ego may happen in this lifetime or the next. But sooner or later everyone moves towards higher consciousness and liberation. Until one understands that all of this around us is not important and that the only thing that’s really important is to love we will keep on doing what we are doing. When we awaken we know that I am God, you are God, and there is nothing but God in between. But once the chink in the armor of ego is detected the process of healing begins.

No amount of talking will open up the crack in ego. No amount of reasoning will open up the crack in ego— do not waste time trying to move a person towards love. Only a personal experience will open a person up, something so drastic that their world is brought down and they slip into the gutter of doubting everything in life.

For when a person knows everything there is nothing they can learn. With one’s cup overflowing with ego thinking: I know this, and I know that, and I have everything under control… stagnation sets in. All of us have met people like this, they are out of control and can’t see the light. So bless them and send healing prayers and light their way.

We have many people like this now, people caught up in ego, people caught up in a world where they can’t see the suffering of others. The only thing we can do is pray for them— pray— and then pray some more.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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