“Changing Our Mindset About Science”

Jesus changed water into wine and created an abundance of loaves and fish, he transcended death and so much more… and the same goes true for many other saints and gurus down through history.


But in this day and age, we think that if science hasn’t proven it — it doesn’t exist. 

And that’s a poor way of thinking because it does not allow for any possibility that exists outside of our current understanding.

But now with quantum physics, there are no boundaries of any kind—everything is possible. Particles flash in and out of existence and new particles are created and disappear, all of this makes many scientists uneasy. Einstein called quantum physics spooky science because he really didn’t understand it— but at the same time knew it was true.

Yet that’s exactly what we had when people thought the world was flat, and no one dared to think otherwise or else they were condemned to death. Or the thought that the heavens revolved around the earth — anyone who thought otherwise was labeled a heretic and were dealt with severely.

Just because something is misunderstood— doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

It’s important that we move away from all or nothing thinking and start broadening our possibilities. Otherwise, there will never be anything new, or any kind of mystery to be solved, because we are not willing to take in a new possibility.

So if the great avatars raised their vibration to that of the quantum world: then they could manifest objects out of thin air, be in two places at the same time, reincarnate into another body, read someone’s thoughts, and even know about a dream a person had 40 years ago and much more.

Perhaps we are the ones who are limiting our possibilities— because we rely on science for everything. 

In my mind, all the miracles talked about in all the spiritual text are true. We just don’t understand it yet. But our heart knows what’s true when our heart is not encumbered by negative thinking. When our heart is not full of anger, greed, envy and other lower emotions— we know what’s true and what’s not true automatically.

So I ask you to think outside the box, to see things in a whole different light, to allow all those miracles that took place in the past to be embraced with an open mind— if you can open your heart and see the possibilities.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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2 Responses to “Changing Our Mindset About Science”

  1. zach says:

    Hi, I have alcoholic hepatitis liver. I read that it can be healed and some sources say it can’t. But I read people saying they were cured of even alcoholic cirrhosis. I was told to go on a all fruit, berrier and mleon diet. By Dr. Morse. What’s your views? I’m in china so the info they gave me was just dont drink which I dont anymore. thanks ahead of time for sharing your worthwhile information. I agree with what you said about science and anicent texts too

    • I recommend you go see a Traditional Chinese medicine doctor —which I know you have a lot of them there —and I have had many people heal with traditional Chinese medicine of cirrhosis of the liver so it’s the best option

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