“When Will a Great Avatar Arrive”

When will a Great Avatar, Saint, or Guru arrive to help?

Take for instance if there is a small disturbance in a tiny town the local constable takes care of the problem— thus it’s put to an end.


When a large crowd grows the police send a special investigator with helpers to work with the crowd to creates peace.

If thousands of people start rioting and cause challenges for a community even the chief of police might be brought into speak and calm the crowd.

But if the world has started to move in the direction of lack of love, greed, anger, and envy— and even a lack of devotion to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit then a special loving avatar will be born— with a entourage of saints and gurus who show everyone which way to turn.

This has happened time and time again, down through the ages. And it will also happen again in the future.

Be not afraid of what we have going on right now in the world, this has taken place hundreds of times in the past. Pray, chant, say the name of God over and over again. Pledge your time to God every single day, and do everything you do with Great Spirit in mind.

Use your great power is to encourage others around to be loving and kind. Most of us have not developed a powerful spiritual vibration like that of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna who could change the vibration of 90,000 people in an instant. So we are to do what we can do— with the people we know.

If someone does something unkind to you love them even more. If someone is angry with you tell them your sorry even though it’s not your fault. Just love them and then love them even more— for that’s our power—- the greatest power in the Universe— the Power of Love.

Many Blessings My Friend

Dr. Paul Haider




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