“Getting Rid of Negative Entities”

When we get sick we take something to make us feel better. But what can we do when we are spiritually sick and need attention?


Contrary to popular belief, there are such things as negative entities and they can attach themselves to people and create havoc in their lives. These entities can cause disease, calamities, and wreak havoc. Not only that, but these entities can also change a person personality and even control a person thus causing all kinds of problems.

Most people who study negative entities believe that over 80% of the population has some kind of negative entity attached to them causing challenges in their life. And negative entities have been talked about in all the spiritual texts for thousands of years. And there really are such things as ghosts, and they too can create havoc in a person’s life.

Good Energy

Personally, I have seen orbs of energy around people and those orbs are usually good energy. Orbs of light are departed loved ones and friends who are following us to check on us and to help us along our path. In fact, I was at a friends book presentation a while back and noticed orbs around her and took photos— and the orbs showed up in the pictures. Her mother had just passed away a week prior to the book presentation. And our friend had a feeling that her mother was there with her the whole time at the book presentation. Her mother was very proud that she was finally publishing her book.

The Opposite

And the opposite is also possible, we can have ghosts and demons or negative energies around us causing problems in our life. This can manifest as being sick all the time, feeling depressed, having terrible illnesses all the time, having things always work out in a negative way, and controlling our emotions to the point that we have a terrible life. These are the lesser demons or negative entities, there are also more powerful negative entities that can cause great harm. But one also has to rule out mental illness and other health challenges.

But What Can We Do? 

How to Make Holy Water 

▪Go out and find a natural stream, lake, river, stream and any other source of pure natural water… but in a pinch, any water will work. Place the water in a glass jar but plastic will also work if that’s all you have. And if needed a little bit of salt can be added as a preservative, but salt is not necessary if the water is going to be used right away.

▪Then hold the container of water in your hands and say out loud, “I command that all that is not of Love, Light, and Healing to leave this water in the name of God, the Universe, and the One and Only.”—Say this commandingly 3 times.

▪ (Other names of God can also be used here such as God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and Hindu Names, Jewish Names, and other spiritual ways of interacting with God.)

▪Now see the light of love flowing from the Universe into the water, see yourself as a giant conduit for the light to flow through you and into the water. Breath in the light, and see that light flowing from your hands into the water as you breathe out.— Do this process at least 3 times and as many times as seems necessary.

▪To keep this water blessed keep the Holy Water in the frig and repeat the blessing process every 24 to 48 hours.

▪If the water is to be kept for long periods of time add a little bit of salt and also bless the salt in the same way.

▪Holy Water can also be placed in a small glass spray bottle so that a mist of Holy Water can be sprayed around people, places, and things.

▪When using Holy Water for cleansing negative energy from people have them think of a personal name of God (Such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or another personal name… other than just the name God) saying that name silently over and over again as the water is being applied to them. And while applying the Holy Water say:  “I command that all that is not of Love, Light, and Healing, all that is not of God to leave (Say their Name) in the name of God, the Universe, and the One and Only.”—Say this commandingly 3 times. Or one could use (God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, or some other spiritual name) And see the light of the Holy Water moving into them and brightening their being.

▪When moving from room to room and blessings each room use the same process as above.

▪And it’s important to believe and say everything with conviction and to know that the light of Love, the Light of God, flows from the Universe and into the Holy Water.

▪And if there is someone of great spiritual light that is available also have them bless the water.

There is a reason why Holy Water has be used for centuries for cleansing away negative energy “It Works”! In fact, one time my computer was not working well and I sprayed holy water around my computer and right away it started working. It’s important that we keep the positive light of God around at all times, and Holy Water is just another way of placing a blessing around everyone and everything. Keep a little Holy Water on hand at all times, and bless the Holy Water on a regular basis, and cleans everything at least once or twice a month… or even daily.

And there are many other ways to get rid of negative entities.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider


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