“The Power of the Morphic Field”

We have 98% of the same genetic code as other animals why do we turn out to be humans, and why do we have differences that are above and beyond our genes. This question has been contemplated by many people for years because it does not make sense— but we do have an answer.

Morphic Field

Morphic Field

We have what some call the morphic field which is all around us. Every human being has a morphic field— every animal, every plant, and every single thing in existence resonants with energy. Some call this field— “Our Aura”, others call it “The Field”, still others call it “The Morphic Field”, and some call it being part of God.

Studies at Harvard University and other universities have been done with monkies, rats, and other animals showing that when one particular rat learns something new all the rats learn that same behavior. Not just the rats in that particular family group— but all the rats around the world. How is that possible if we are not all connected in some amazing way.

The “Indigo Children” that have been coming into the world over the last few years have said, “There is a field of energy like a spider web that connects everyone and everything together”. And that web of energy can be used to contact people and even have interactions with people who are very far away.

Thus we are being influenced by everything around us, be it in a positive or negative way. New studies have been done showing that when a person listens to heavy metal music their aura or morphic field diminishes. And when a person listens to a saint singing their morphic field or aura becomes 3 times larger. Showing that everything has a true influence on our state of being.

And new studies are being done with plants and having these plants subjected to soothing music or songs sung by saints and gurus— the outcome will be very interesting indeed as to the moprhic field size around these plants.

But all of this makes perfect sense if we think about entangled-matter. Taking a group of tissue cells and separating them into two groups. And then sending one tissue sample 20 miles away, and giving the local sample an electrical shock— simultaneously the tissue 20 miles away also reacts— Amazing!

And at one time or another, everyone has had the experience of thinking about someone and then out of the blue getting a call from them. Then there was a large experiment carried out with dogs. It seemed that a few minutes before owners come home from a trip dogs start anticipating their arrival— even though there is no way to know. Plus there are lots of experiments published in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research in which students have a sense that someone is watching them— which ended up being correct 90% of the time.

Thus the morphic field surrounding us is connecting everything to everything— we are truly One Consciousness. Thus from the very start we unconsciousness take in much of the mental, bodily, emotional, and cultural information that’s all around us.

Thus the morphic field can change the outcome of the development of a fetus, an animal, or everything else. We have so much more to learn, but the energy of what we call God, the Universe, and Great Spirit is everywhere.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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