“A Simple Modern Day Miracle”

“A True Story of Divine Intervention”

Sometimes things happen that we take for granted but in reality, they are true miracles.

Here is one example.

There is a lady in India who has a large spiritual altar with lots of paintings and photos of Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, and many more great avatars there on her altar. She cleans the later every single day and is meticulous about putting everything back in place.

But soon there was an economic challenge in India and her son husband and son lost their jobs. They had no money to pay the electrical power bill and so they started use candles as much as possible. But because she was a very honest lady she decided that she would go down to the power company and see if they could work out a payment plan. Just before leaving to go to the energy company she got down on her knees and prayed for divine help. She lit some candles and incense and sat in silence praying for a long time. Then she got up and start her long journey to the power company.

The power company office was not close to where she lived so she had to take a bus and take a long ride but eventually made it to the power company. But along the way she had to stand for a little while because the bus was packed, but all of a sudden a young man got up and gave her his seat. She saw this as a small miracle and that God was helping her as she made her way to the power company.

Once at the power company she had to take a number and wait because there was a long line. But soon a young lady answered her cell phone and she walked over to the older lady and said, “Take my number I have to rush home”. So the older lady moved up in line, and again she took this as a divine sign and God’s grace.

Finally, the person at the window called her number and she went up to tell them what had happened, and to find out about creating a payment plan. So the clerk went to his computer and check to find her account balance. He came back scratching his head, “My friend your bill is up to date and in fact, you have a large credit on your account, you will not have to pay a bill for a very long time”. And the older lady could not believe it, so asked the clerk to double check the numbers and again he came back saying—- “You have a credit on your account”.

Then it came to her that God had intervened and taken care of her problem. She was in tears, she could hardly believe her ears. Thus she thanked God for his wonderful loving-kindness and went home to share the good news. When she got home she told her husband and son about the course of events… and they were amazed. Thus they all went to her alter and prayed in gratitude for God’s great kindness.

A True Story

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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