A Case Study – Forgiveness 

A man in his 30’s would sit alone and meditate and events from the past would come up. He would see his father building his tree house a place where he could escape his parents fighting. And he would also see his mother come into his room and spray pour water on him to wake him up every single morning and he would dwell on this for a long time.

Angry Mother

And because he was new to meditation he would forget to go back to his breathing. He thought he had forgiven his mother many years ago— yet it was still there raw in his unconscious mind. It was only when he went back to his breathing that he found peace. And over time there was a pronounced thickening of his prefrontal cortex. And with that thickening of his brain came a great sense of compassion not only for his mother but for life in general.

And with more time a powerful sense of relief soon pervaded every single cell in his body. Then he started appreciating what his mother did because getting him up early in the morning made him a morning person… thus he was able to accomplish a lot during the day and became very successful.

That sense of relief didn’t happen overnight… it took a couple years.

Now he has nothing but great joy about the past. And he feels all of his past is important because it made him a much better person in the long run. His challenges became the fertilizer for his personal growth. And now he is a much stronger, calmer, and peaceful man.

Also now on the average he never looks back, he lives in the her-and-now thus finding a deep sense of contentment and peace. Later that peace changed into a state of grace which infiltrated every aspect of his life.

May we all take such powerful events and transmute them to grace. The grace of forgiveness from God, the Universe, and Great Spirit.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider



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