“4 Aspects of Being a Powerful Spiritual Person”

“Four Important Things that Many Have Forgotten that we Need to Reawaken Within”

If we look at all the people in all the spiritual texts they include powerful people who embodied 4 important aspects which are important for us to emulate.

Be Bold – It’s almost impossible to be a spiritual person and not be bold. To stand up for that which one knows is truth and walk a different path is the way of many who have come before and will come again… who are loving and kind. To walk to the beat of a different drummer is normal for those who walk a spiritual path. For they hear the still small voice and respond with action to bring about a better world. Thus they are bold, thus they do and see things differently. For they know that the status quo is not the right way to move forward. Thus they change the world one soul at a time.

Be Powerful – How can one be a spiritual person and not walk their talk with great power. It’s impossible! Be it Mosses, Buddha, Jesus, or anyone one else they were all powerful people who stood tall for what they believed in. To slink back from out duty is to slink back from what we know is right. Which only allows that which is the opposite of love to take over and create havoc on the world. Thus it’s our duty to stand tall, to walk upright with power, and know that we are one with that great inalienable consciousness of love.

Be Fearless – There is no way that all those who are written about in spiritual texts could have spread the word and walked their talk without being fearless. Even when they were about to meet their demise they always believed. And they let go of fear knowing that love will overcome everything in the end. They knew that they were more than this body of flesh and blood. They knew they were part of that supreme essence which guides the motions of everything in the Universe. Thus they were fearless because God, the Universe, and Great Spirit is and will always be fearless.

Be Adventurous – For all the spiritual people of the past to do everything they needed to do… they had to be adventurous. In order to cross the dead sea, or walk through the deserts for 40 years one has to feel divinely guided. And that they will be cared for, but that also means they have to step outside of their comfort zone to listen to that still small voice within. Just think of Noah and how much taunting and name calling he must have endured while building that great arc. Noah knew had a calling… and that he had to step up to the plate and do what he had to do. And even though he might have been very frightened about what was about to happen… he knew without a doubt that he and his family would be cared for.

Thus it’s up to us to be bold, powerful, fearless, and adventurous and thus create a loving and kind world… step out of your comfort zone… for now is the time.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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