“Ending the Cycle of Bad Relationships”

Once there was a young lady who ended up getting a divorce who had 3 kids, and in the end, she was much happier by herself. But she longed to have a relationship but she just kept picking the wrong people.

A young lady in her 50’s had a 25-year marriage with 3 children to a man that did not help her or listen to her. So they ended their marriage and she was single for 10 years. Then another man came into her life who was getting a divorce and he was very nice but had a huge ego. His needs always came first, and he always thought that all challenges in the world were caused by other people. And so they went together for a long time, but finally broke up because he was so egotistical and she was a very loving, giving, and a very kind person.

They were apart for 2 years and then they happened to meet one day and their old relationship rekindled. And even though she could hear her still small voice in the back of her head saying, “This will not end well, there will be lots of suffering here” she went forward anyway. Eventually, after a few months, this couple had a huge argument and split up one more time.

It’s amazing what we will do when we are lonely. And feel we need company instead of relying on the one being that will never let us down. God is always with us and will never leave us. But for some reason, we still feel we need someone— instead of wanting someone to share our life with.

No one ever needs anyone— no one can climb under our skin and make us happy. We have to make ourselves happy by listening to the still small voice which guides every step. The voice of God, the Universe, and Great Spirit is the only thing that will create everlasting joy, happiness, and most of all amazing contentment.

But we can overcome this endless cycle of bad relationships with meditation, contemplation, sitting in silence, and listening to the still small voice and doing whatever our inner voice says. That goes against what most of us have learned. We tend to listen to our feelings, and our feelings can be wrong because of upbringing, experience, our parent’s relationship and more. But our still small voice is never wrong.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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