“6 Super Antioxidants that Prevent Cancer”

Antioxidants are powerful healing agents that help to prevent cancer. Eating these foods and taking these supplements can help prevent cancer from taking over and creating havoc in a person’s life.

Ashitaba Plant – This great herb is well known in Japan and in Asia … and they have done lots of great studies showing it’s healing properties and have come to call it the “Longevity Herb”. In fact, Japan has a very high percentage of people who live to be extremely old… and this herb just might be why. Ashitaba contains lots of chalcones which are compounds that contain high amounts of vitamins A, B’s, C, E, carotene, iron for anemia, calcium for strong bones, potassium for water regulation and cardiovascular health, fiber for production of probiotic bacteria, proteins for muscles, and chlorophyll for healing and increasing metabolism. Ashitaba contains xanthoangelol E, xanthoangelol, and even 4-hydroxyderricin which are all amazingly powerful antioxidants.

Chalcones is one of the most powerful antioxidant compounds known to man… plus there are no side effects of any kind. Ashitaba powder and seeds can be ordered on-line and it can also be found on Amazon and eBay. Most people eat 6 or 7 raw leaves a day, or they can be juiced or made into tea or used in cooking. And taking 1/2 teaspoon or 500 mg of the powder daily also works.

Japanese Knotweed – Japanese Knotweed or Japanese Bushy Knotweed and also known as Polygonum Cuspidatum Rhizoma or Hu Zhang in Chinese medicine has many powerful healing abilities. This wonderful herb contains lots of resveratrol which has been thought to be one of the best anti-aging compounds around, which is also found in grape juice and red wine. This is one of the reasons why the French do not have heart disease because they drink wine rich in resveratrol. Japanese Knot Weed upper plant greens grows very fast and in China it’s used as food. It can be cooked and used in all kinds of dishes. And the roots also make a refreshing cold drink for hot days. Plus the sap of the plant gives food a nice sweet-sour flavor that’s used in Chinese food.

Unfortunately, this plant is considered an evasive plant because it grows so fast, but if people knew how great the plant is for healing… that might change. Japanese Knotweed looks a lot like bamboo in the winter because the dried stalk is hollow. Japanese Knotweed contains, stilbene compounds, glycosides, catechin, protocatechuic acid, 2-methoxy-6-acetyl-7-methyljuglone, β-sitosterol glucoside, torachrysone-8-OD-glucoside, glucose, rhamnose, some amino acids, a good amount of copper and iron for anemia, manganese for enzyme production, zinc for immune support, potassium for heart contractions and water regulation.

Also glycosides such as physcion, emodin, anthraquinone, chrysophanol, and many more powerful antioxidants. Japanese Knotweed powder can be ordered on-line and can be found on Amazon and eBay. Taking 1/2 teaspoon or 500 mg of the powder daily will help to prevent cancer.

Organic Garlic – Garlic contains germanium which in studies slows the progression of cancer, and in mice has been able to prevent cancer completely. Studies show that people who eat raw garlic daily have a much lower probability of coming down with stomach and colon cancer. Garlic has lots of B Vitamins, A and C Vitamins and zinc to boost your immune system and lots of other trace minerals such as iron and copper for anemia, selenium for prostate health, calcium and phosphorus for strong bones, and tryptophan for helping you to get a good nights rest. Garlic is a powerful anti-inflammatory making great for getting rid of pain, swelling, and redness. Eating 2 to 6 raw cloves of organic garlic daily will help to prevent cancer.

Seaweed – Seaweed is important for stress and for preventing cancer. Did you know that all those vitamins and minerals in seaweed play important roles in reducing and helping you overcome stress? It’s true! And if you want to keep your adrenal glands healthy then eat seaweed daily, it will help you relax and fell better in general.

Seaweed is very important for getting rid of inflammation and especially chronic inflammation and the production of homocysteine which creates inflammation, cardiovascular disease, strokes, cancer, arthritis, and other debilitating diseases, and seaweed lowers blood pressure by being chocked full of magnesium. And inflammation is one of the first steps that starts the cancer process. And cancer is very low is places like Japan and other countries that eat lots of seaweed. And seaweed can help with hot flashes, depression, and even help with sleep better.

Seaweed is also a very good diuretic and helps with insulin resistance thus helping those suffering from diabetes. Seaweed prevents muscles cramps and also prevents platelet aggregation or clots thus helping to prevent heart attacks. Plus seaweed is also a good antiviral agent too… thus helping to prevent colds, flues… and there is also hope for herpes with compounds found in seaweed. Eating seaweed twice a week can make a huge difference when it comes to preventing cancer. Have some veggie sushi and stay healthy.

Chaga Mushrooms – Chaga mushroom are black and full of polyphenols and thus have lots of antioxidants that can heal DNA damage and prevent disease. In fact, chaga has more antioxidants than any other food around— with a 1,104 ORAC score making this mushroom a superfood. Chaga like goji berries contains a great source of simple sugars that are important heart and liver health and for balancing blood sugar. And there is some indication that they might improve our mood. Chaga has been shown to sooth away pain, inflammation, swelling, and helps with irritation of all kinds including arthritis… and it also helps with nerve pain. Studies show that Chaga soothes the GI tract during chemotherapy and boosts up our immune system thus we are better able to fight off cancer. With over 1,600 studies showing that chaga prevents and suppress the growth of cancer tumors. Chaga helps with breast, lung, prostate, liver, stomach, rectal, leukemia, and skin cancer plus many other cancers. Chaga can be ordered on-line and on Amazon and eBay. Drinking one cup every day of chaga tea will help to prevent cancer.

Organic Parsley – Organic parsley contains myristicin which is a powerful anti-tumor agent that inhibits the growth of tumors and thus can stop cancer. It also negates all cancer causing agents that are formed by grilling meat… so remember to eat your parsley. Parsley also contains eugenol, limonene, and alpha-thujene which all help to prevent cancer. Parsley is full of beta-carotene which helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer… plus it can also help with asthma and arthritis.

Parsley is full of great antioxidants, having more antioxidants than oranges… It will kick up your immune system and keep your healthy! ey also contains large amounts of Vitamins C and A, both of which help to prevent damage to your DNA via free radicals and slow the aging process. Plus they both help to prevent diabetes, cancer, asthma, and cardiovascular disease. Parsley also contains apiin, apigenin, apiin, luteolin, rutin, and crisoeriol which are powerful polyphenol compounds like that found in green tea. And parley also helps with inflammation and inflammation is the first step towards disease and cancer. Take one cup of parsley and add water and blend and drink daily.

Keep cancer from entering your life… and enjoy a long life.

And eating a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet is also important – go to www.paulhaider.com and see “My Diet”.

Many Blessings My Friend

Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist



Feel Free to Share – This information is meant to get you started so you can do more research on your own… dig a little deeper and find what works for you. This article is for educational purposes only, I strongly recommend that you seek advice from your own GP, private doctor, or medical specialist for any ailment, illness, or medical condition.. this article not meant to be a scientific analysis in any way, shape, or form.

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