“Why Do Some People Heal and Others Don’t?”

“They Have Hope and Faith” 

Being a herbalist I have found that when it comes to terrible diseases there are two groups. One group that says that there is nothing I can do, those that say “doctors say I am going to die” and so they give up and die. And there are those who have hope and decide that no matter who says what… they will heal and live.

Belief Faith Hope Love Concept

There was a terrible experiment that was done (And I don’t condone this experiment at all and I think it was super terrible) but let’s glean some information from what was learned. One group of rats were put into a glass tube with water and made to swim until they drowned— terrible. They swam for just a few minutes and then gave up and drowned.

Then a group of rats was placed in the water and then pulled out of the water for one minute just one time. And then they were put back into the water. These rats kept swimming for days… perhaps they expected someone would rescue them again. This goes to show if we have hope, if we have faith that all will be well, we will survive… in fact, perhaps even the rest of our God given life.

Hope “is” the cornerstone of life, and it’s important that we never give up hope. And faith is also part of hope. Because when we believe in something we also have great hope. Because we know we are not alone and will be taken care of one way or another. That’s why we see people who go to church, temple, or other spiritual services seem to cope better with life. Plus they don’t seem to have all the aches and pains that other people have and they have a better outlook on life… and studies show they also live longer.

So the quality of our life-in-general is directly related to how much hope and faith we have. And perhaps, that’s why we find people in the worst of conditions still get up every single day and do what they have to do with a smile on their face… even when havoc is going on all around them.

And how do we create hope? That is a very good question. I think hope comes from somewhere deep down inside. It’s part of our nature… we see the good in all things no matter what. Instead of being a realist and seeing what some call reality and saying this can’t be avoided. Having hope is all about removing all the negative thoughts from our life and starting to see everything from a different perspective. It takes lots of practice but it can be achieved. I personally, know people who have changed their thinking to become people full of hope and faith. And I feel anyone can do this if they are willing to put in the work… it’s all about stepping outside ourselves and looking at everything we do from a third party perspective.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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