“Why We Should Voice Our Opinion”

Down through the ages, there have been lots of spiritual people who came to spread the word and go against the grain of popular thinking. And we should take their lead and speak up against injustice.

Jesus – Jesus was a dissenter, Jesus was in his own way going against the grain and doing things much different from what the Rabbi’s liked. Jesus tossed out the money lenders and he was willing to put himself at risk to help the average person and give him hope. But Jesus did all of this with great humility and on the last night before his calling, he got down on his knees and washed the feet of the 12 disciples, anointed them with oil, and kissed their feet.

Buddha – Buddha also was a dissenter, he talked about how to end suffering, and how to live a simple life and let go of worries and desires. And this went against the teachings of many of those in his day were gathering wealth and doing whatever they pleased according to their 5 senses. Thus even though Buddha sought to love all people in the same way… he too had enemies. For Buddha spoke about injustice and the suffering he saw all around him… and many people did not like that.

Gandhi – Gandhi was a simple man who talked about freedom. How to bring about freedom in a peaceful way. How to abstain from many of the earthly pleasures and how to obtain what we need without violence. He never lifted a hand against anyone, only praised everyone and tried to be the peacemaker between all groups. Yet he too had many enemies because they felt he was a meddler. Yet Gandhi spoke out and did what he had to do every single day.

Swami Vivekananda – Swami Vivekananda was one of the first people from India to come to the US. Vivekananda was spreading the word about religious freedom and tolerance. And he also took an active role in inspiring women to speak up and have the same rights as men. Yet he too had enemies that did not like him and he was thought to be an outsider causing problems.

Krishna – Krishna was a spiritual teacher that came to India to teach the middle way. Krishna taught yoga, devotion to God, and how to live a selfless giving life. And even today Krishna is revered and loved by lots of people. Yet Krishna had many enemies that wanted to do him harm.

All of these people and more have stood up to say what they needed to share with others. They were not afraid of what might happen to them, they had a mission, something that had to be done, something that needed to get out to everyone.

And right now people are protesting around the world because they see injustice being done and they need to speak up. They are no different than any of the people above… Truth is Truth… Truth is God… God is Love… and Love is God.

So Stand Up and Say What You Need to Say

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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