“What Can We Do to Help People Find Faith”

In this day and age, we have lots of people who really don’t believe in much of anything. In fact, in many countries where I would expect there to be lots of faith… right now there is very little faith. But how can we help these people turn disbelief into belief?

What Creates Disbelief?

What Can We Do to Help People Find Faith?

Doubt – There are many elements that create disbelief and one of them is total doubt about everything and anything. All of us know people like this, they don’t believe that we landed on the moon, they don’t believe that Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and many others every existed… and on and on. And in order for a person to really find that peace they have to turn around all their disbelief and start believing in something bigger. And this does not happen by talking to them… it happens because of experience.

I personally, know someone who just had a near death experience and it changed his life. Before he never believed in much of anything… but now he is a true believer because of his own personal experience. Just keep loving these people, because sooner or later they will have a personal experience take place… that will open them up to love and Great Spirit.

Anger – Anger is like cancer that grows from the inside out and it eats away at a person to the point that sooner or later takes all of its energy out on other people or the one we see in the mirror. There are no words to soothe away anger, and there is no way to disarm anger. Anger is fueled by force and force has to keep pushing and shoving its way through life. But, eventually a person grows tired and then the body gives up and disease sets in. Personally, I have seen this happen thousands of times. People who are angry come down with cancer or some other disease. But anger will burn itself out with time, either in this lifetime or another.

Angry people sooner or later break down and give up because they are so tired of holding all that anger… that they can’t do it anymore. Then a little crack in their armor of anger opens up and love moves in taking its place. The best thing for these people to do is meditate, contemplate, and be in silence… this will widen the crack allowing more love to filter in. Just keep loving these people no matter what they do, they will come around.

Pride and Envy – Pride and envy are diseases of the soul, they cover the light of the soul up with lots of soot and thus no light escapes from their being. These people are always looking outside themselves for the answers. They want what others have, they want more, they want to be looked upon with envy, they want to be famous, they want glory brought to them. But eventually, all of this leaves them feeling very empty… for there is no love in all of this. And love is the only thing that can break through the armor of pride and envy.

The best thing to do for people who are full of pride and envy is to just keep loving them no matter what they do. Personally, I know a man who was full of pride and envy… and down he tumbled when he needed love to fill that emptiness he felt inside. Sooner or later they all fall and are alone, and that will bring them to their knees and they will come in tears to God on bended knee asking for forgiveness. So just love these people with all your heart… and they will come around sooner or later.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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