“A True Miracle of Survival”

A man by the name of William who lives in Philadelphia with his wife and three children had something terrible happen… but also a great miracle took place.

Willam is a hard working man who enjoys life and his wife and three kids. He works at any job he can find, sometimes at gas stations, sometimes doing odd jobs, but whatever William is doing… he is always happy. One thing that makes William happy is having a strong faith in God. So matter what he was doing… William is always thinking about Jesus and telling Jesus how much he loves him.

William had been working at a gas station during the day… but the night shift person called in sick so William took his place. All the regular customers knew William and loved him because William was always smiling and cared about everyone. But that night one of his regular customers came in and wanted to look at a smartphone case that was locked in a display… so William went out of the bullet proof room and unlock the case. As soon as William went out two other men rushed in with guns and pushed William to the ground and shot him in the leg and told him to open the cash register. As William crawled in pain on the floor he saw the word “Jesus” spelled out on the floor. Then William started saying out loud “I love You Jesus—Thank You” over and over again. Then William opened the register and the thieves took the money. Then they forced William to crawl to the back room to get all the rest of the cash… and Willam turned over the money. And on the way out one of the men had a 45 caliber pistol and shot William in the ear and ran with the money. Blood was pouring from William’s head but he dragged himself to the phone and dialed 911 and then fainted. At that moment a regular customer came in and saw what happened to William and dialed 911. Then the ambulance and the police arrived and they rushed William to the hospital.

Most people who get shot in the head never survive… the odds are at most 10 % survival. So at the hospital, William was rushed to surgery. But they found that the bullet had hit the top of Williams jaw bone and started to tumble and then moved across his throat and missing his carotid artery, spinal cord, his esophagus, and trachea and came out the other side of his neck. Instead of the bullet going into his brain it sped off in another direction. So the doctors couldn’t believe their eyes… it was a true miracle that the bullet didn’t hit anything vital.

A few hours later William was laying in bed at the hospital awake without any pain, and could even hear well with the ear that was shot… so everything was pretty good. But his wife and three kids were filled with tears and were so happy that William was OK. And William said, “I forgive that man who shot me he must have been controlled by evil’. Soon William made a full recovery and everyone called William “The Miracle Man” because he survived being shot in the head. A few weeks later William went back to work at the gas station and all the customers said, “You are a True Miracle” but William knew the real miracle was… God had saved his life.

This is a True Story.

Remember Miracles Happen Every Single Day

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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