“Where is Heaven?”

“In Recent Polls, 70% of the Public Believes in Heaven”

There are many different scientific theories about where heaven might exist… here are just a few ideas that science has come up with.

Out in the Cosmos

One idea that’s talked about in spiritual texts is that heaven might be far out in the universe billions of light years from earth… in a region of space that is devoid of stars. It’s a possibility that when we die and leave our body we are instantaneously transported to another part of the Universe. In fact, that is not so far-fetched as one might think. Right now the ability to teleport objects from one place to another is a reality. And to beam a person up like in Star Trek is being worked on by a Japanese company. But making it feasible for sending people here and there… will take another 20 years or so.

In Another Dimension

It might be that heaven is right here where we are standing right now… but in another dimension. Science has proven that there are at least 11 dimensions that we know of. And it could be that heaven is happening all around us but in another dimension that we can’t see. But those on the other side can interact in some ways. Because it’s theorized that in the sixth dimension a person could appear as many of the great avatars did in our dimension… such as Jesus and interact with people… but still be from another dimension.

In the Realm of Light

Light, itself has many qualities and can be broken down into multiple vibrations. Like a prism that creates a rainbow, it might be that heaven itself is part of the light and we can’t see because we are not sensitive to that spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. So that would mean that light itself might be the place where heaven exists. And in all the spiritual texts is talks about the light… and how this light is holy and how the light has great power. And light has some interesting qualities that might actually be thought of as intelligence… and scientists are looking into this.

In Another Quantum Reality of Consciousness

Another theory is that when we get down into an atom and go even smaller there are particles that exist one moment and not the next. So reality itself is flashing in and out of existence. And so too it might be that when we die our consciousness which might be made of quantum particles is pop into another reality.

But wherever heaven exists there are hundreds of thousands of people who have had near-death experiences, who have come back to tell us heaven is a place filled with light and love. In fact, they don’t want to leave heaven… but of course, they have something they need to do before they leave this earthly plane… and thus they are sent back to fulfill their destiny.

And does it really matter where heaven is long as we believe?

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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