“New Studies About Life After Death”

There are lots of scientific studies going on right now about where the soul resides and consciousness. Here are just a few of ideas that scientists are looking at.

It All Started in 1920

The first man who weighed the soul was Dr. Duncan MacDougall back in 1920. He worked with many people who were dying and weighed their bodies before and seconds after death. And decided the soul weighed 21 grams… less than an ounce. Later that weight was disputed but Dr. Macdougall believed the soul resided in the body.

Soul Leaving the Body

Investigation into Quantum Particles in the Brain and Consciousness 

Then there are those who are doing even more modern studies such as Dr. Stuart Hameroff an anesthesiologist at the University of Arizona who has done extensive work in this area. And he has decided that in the tubules of the neurons of all brain cells resides quantum particles flashing in and out of existence and they contain our consciousness. And at the time of death those particles are released and thus our consciousness is released into the cosmos and we become pure conscious awareness. And if there is a near death experience and that person comes back into their body then the quantum particles come back into the tubules of the brain and we become conscious again.

And the British scientist Sir Roger Penrose also believes that there are structures in the brain that contain the quantum material that we call the soul. He believes that in a near-death experiences quantum material does not die but returns back to the Universe from which we originated. And thus it is not destroyed upon our death but lives on indefinitely.

Thousands of Children Remembering Past Lives

Dr. Stevenson at the University of Virgina has done extensive research with children remembering past lives. They have over 2,500 proven cases of children between the age of 2 and 3 remembering in amazing detail the totality of their past lives.

And there is the case of the young boy named James Leininger who remembered being a bomber pilot in WWII from very early on. In fact, in his crib, he would stick out his legs and arms in a strange way, as though bracing for something to happen. And when he was old enough to talk he said he was getting ready to hit the water in his plane that was shot down. And he knew the name of the bomber pilot who was “James 2” or “James M. Huston Jr.” and he also knew the names of other pilots that he flew with. And he told his parents about three flying buddies greeting him in heaven.

Mothers with Dreams – Birthmarks and Birth Defects 

And there is also Dr. Tucker who investigates mothers who have dreams of a deceased person they knew or a relative… and in their dreams, that person is coming to visit. Sometimes this is months before she becomes pregnant. Later her child would start talking about being that relative in a past life, at a very young age without every having any connection to that person in any way. And they would have detailed knowledge of that person and why they picked that mother and father to be their parents. And what is really interesting is that their child has birthmarks that match the wounds and disabilities that the other deceased person had. These children even have the same phobias and addictive behavior of the deceased. Some children even demand alcohol and tobacco from their new parents… because they were hooked on these agents in their past lives. It’s all pretty amazing and it’s shocking for the parents.

Consciousness is Fundamental to Everything in the Cosmos 

Quantum physicist Max Plank wrote, “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness”. Richard Conn Henry Professor of Physics at Johns Hopkins University concluded, “The Universe is Entirely Mental”. Quantum theory is proving the brain needs consciousness to function… but consciousness really doesn’t need the brain to function.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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