“How to Be a Spiritual Mystic”

Down through the ages, we’ve had mystics in all the great spiritual persuasions. And all of them had special talents. Thus everyone for thousands of miles around would come to see them and ask questions. But how do you become a spiritual mystic?

Surrender to Great Spirit – Surrendering is the key to almost everything in life. There is the story of the monk to came to see his master and ask a question and the master was pouring tea. And as the monk was asking the question the master just kept pouring tea until his tea cup was overflowing. And the monk said, “No More It’s Full” and the master said, “That’s Exactly What You Have… Empty Your Mind for Your Mind is Full, I Cannot Teach You if There is No Room in Your Mind”. Thus Surrendering is the key to understanding our mystical side.

Learn to Trust Your Intuition – Most people shrug off what they feel inside. But a mystic understands that their gut feelings and knows they are more important than anything else. They know that intuition is God and Great Spirit speaking directly to them… and thus it’s important to take note of what Great Spirit is saying and pointing out. This may take the form of seeing things, noticing something, having a strange feeling come over a person, having dreams, or some circumstance that goes beyond coincidence.

Answer Important Inner Questions – Most people go through life and never answer that one important question “Who AM I”. Also to go inward and answer questions like “What is My Purpose, Why AM I Here, and Why AM I Doing This” and much more. These answers will lead a person in the direction of becoming a mystic and thus achieve peace and contentment.

Create Intentions and See Them Come True – As it was talked about in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know” we can create intentions and see them happen if we are aware. For instance put out into the world that today “I will see a large red heart and I will notice it”… and then taking note that a red heart appears. We all have this power to create… this is quantum physics… this is science.

Have Set Daily Spiritual Practices – It’s important to live in the world and not be of it… as it says in all the spiritual texts. So it’s important to have spiritual practices that allow the mind to be set free. Those include meditation, contemplation, chanting, reading spiritual texts, being out in nature, saying the name of God over and over again, and much more. And it also includes having rituals around food, rituals around daily gratitude, and many more rituals of living like when to go to bed, when to get up, and much more. All of this grounds a person and thus allows the spirit to take over and guide a person in the right direction towards inner peace.

Become Fully Aware of Everything – Awareness is the key to being a mystic. Awareness is truly understanding oneself, to understand one’s feelings and little things that happen throughout the day. And notice all the things that most people take for granted. Perhaps a line of light that moves across your field of vision and all of a sudden you get a good feeling. Or a bright blue spot that shows up in your vision and you get the feeling that everything will be OK. Or noticing little movements here and there that most people don’t see… but you notice it… and take it all in.

Meditate for Long Periods of Time – Meditation is the key to becoming aware, being open, and allowing Great Spirit to filter into our lives. Meditation also calms emotions, makes life flow easy, thus allowing wisdom takes over instead of the constant havoc of regular life. Putting in at least 1 hour of meditation in the morning and 1 hour of meditation in the evening is the minimum for truly getting in touch with one’s self. Thus peace filters into your life and great things take place just because the mind is calm. Thus we notice all the little things going on around us and understand that Great Spirit is everywhere.

Give Up Regular Life – Giving up regular life means— doing what you have to do every single day such as going to work, taking care of family, but at the same time staying in your place of calm, peace, and being fully aware. One can’t be a mystic if he or she is stressed out… that’s just the opposite of being a spiritual person. This also means being OK with being alone, enjoying your own company, and looking within to find joy and happiness instead of looking outward to find happiness. Most people look for happiness in the world… while a mystic finds true happiness 24/7 within with God and Great Spirit… and they always focus the good in life.

Do Everything With Great Spirit in Mind – This means going to work but having love in your heart every single second. And noticing that everything in the cosmos including your friends, loved ones, coworkers, and everyone else is part of Great Spirit. Not only that but also the chairs, the floor, your food, the sidewalk, the building, your car and everything else is pulsing with the energy of Great Spirit. And thus it’s important to treat everyone with gratitude as if God were there in front of you. For everyone and everything is alive with the power of Great Spirit.

Remember – This is just the beginning, the art of being a spiritual mystic could be a four volume set of books… but this will get you started on your path.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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