“7 Ways to Be Worry Free”

Worry creates stress, and that stress creates anxiety, and that anxiety creates depression, and depression sucks the joy out of life. So how can we get rid of worry? Here are a few simple ways.

Stop Mind Reading – Lots of worrying comes from thinking that someone else is thinking something bad about you or something you did. The reality is we have no way to read another person’s mind or have any clue what they are thinking… so let it go. Trying to read someone else mind, trying to figure out what they think doesn’t make sense… just let it go.

Distract Yourself – Instead of worrying about something distract yourself with something uplifting which makes you feel good. Perhaps a walk in the park, or window shopping or something else that makes you feel uplifted.

Give Your Worries to God – Why worry, let go and let God as the old saying says. And that is exactly what lots of people do. They give that negative thought to God and don’t allow it to come back into their head. They say out loud… “God here is something I’ve been worrying about and I am going to give it to you because I know you have my greatest good in mind… thy will be done”. Thus it’s no longer your worry… let it go. Lots of things we worry about we have no real control over… so give it up to Great Spirit. And get out and help other people… it’s hard to worry about yourself if you are helping others who are in need.

Remember People are too Busy to Think About You – Remember that people are too busy to think about what you said or did. They don’t have the time and they are usually only thinking about themselves… so don’t sweat it… it’s not important.

Concentrate on Being in the Moment – Worry is all about future thinking and that always leads to catastrophic results. Stay focused, focus on little tasks that you can accomplish right now… and do this over and over again… thus you don’t have any time to worry.

Get Out in Nature – It’s amazing what being out in nature can do to relax the mind and de-stress the body. Go to the beach, the desert, or up in the mountains and take some time off… that always works to get rid of worry.

Tell Yourself “STOP IT” – If you find yourself starting to worry yell out “Stop It” and break the silence and pause for a little bit to allow those words to settle in. It’s kind of like having a song that keeps running through your head… just yelling out “Stop It” seems to work to stop that crazy cycle.

One More Thing – Remember studies show that 97% of what we worry about never happens. And that only 2 % of the time it happens slightly like we thought it would turn out. And only 1% of the time does that event happen exactly as we thought. So why worry about something that more than likely will never happen… it doesn’t make senses.

A betting man wouldn’t bet on those odds.

So Don’t Worry… Just do what you can do and let God take care of the rest.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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