“Be Like a Grand Master and Stay Healthy”

Grand Masters of Tai Chi, Qigong, Zen Meditation, and other disciplines are always healthy. They believe disease stems from not being in balance… and being out of balance in mind, body, and spirit eventually, leads to bodily challenges.

A Grand Masters Approach to Life – If you talk to any Grand Master of QiGong, Tai Chi, Zen Meditation, or any other spiritual and bodily discipline you find they are always calm. They take everything one step at a time… all things can and will be accomplished in divine order… thus they are never stressed. A Zen Master once told me, “You must remain in balance no matter what takes place in your life”.

A Grand Master is Never Stressed – Stress creates huge changes in the body which creates an upset in the hormone balance, adrenaline, cortisol, and lots of other challenges in the body. And those changes create inflammation and that inflammation creates disease. Having too much going on, always running here and there, having 10 million things to do, and pushing the body to hard leads to stress… which leads to disease. The mind, body, and spirit are one… and they can’t be separated… thus all stress also impinges upon our spiritual body. A Grand Master is always in control and never allows life to become stressful.

A Grand Master Moderates All Emotions – Our heart is an organ which holds emotions… and having too much of any emotion can be stressful for the heart. Holding onto anger, worry, sadness, fear, hatred, desires, guilt, and even too much joy can have a deleterious effect on our heart. Thus it’s important to see everything with an even mind, and not be moved by too much of anything, allowing emotions in… but at the same time knowing that all things pass away… and thus this too will pass. A Grand Master never gets excited about anything… it’s just another part of life.

A Grand Master is Like Water – A mind should allow thoughts to flow like water. Holding onto thoughts for any length of time creates friction and pressure in the flow of information in the mind… which eventually causes stress. Thus don’t obsess over financial problems or anything else. A Grand Masters Mind is like water always flowing allowing peace to filter in.

A Grand Master is Never in Conflict – A Grand Master is never drawn into anything that is upsetting to other people… they let it go… and avoid getting into conflict. This is a very important lesson to learn, it boils down to living in peace. And all of us want peace, or so we say, but are we willing to let it go and walk away… that is the question.

A Grand Master Takes Action – If you are coming down with a cold you take something to feel better. The same goes for life… if you are upset then take the appropriate actions to alleviate the problem. Taking action is key in life… do what you can do and then let it go. A Grand Master will always take action and then allow the situation to flow like water.

A Grand Master Avoids Extremes – Any kind of extreme living and habits create stress on the mind, body, and spirit. A Grand Master will eat healthy, exercise, and the take time to be in silence and meditate. He avoids smoking, drinking, and excessive eating. He avoids excessive work, gambling, and staying up for hours on end. A Grand Master has a set way of living and a schedule. A Grand Master lives his life in balance thus peace filters in… thus disease is never a problem.

Be Like a Grand Master and Stay Healthy!

Dr. Paul Haider



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