“Being Vulnerable is Our Greatest Asset”

Right now we have lots of people that don’t allow their vulnerable side to come out and they think being vulnerable is being weak— but actually being vulnerable is our greatest strength. Read More

When was the last time you sat down and cried until there were no more tears? For many people, they can’t even remember… it was so many years ago… and maybe even way back when they were a child.

Being Strong is OK But Feelings are Powerful – Be strong is all well and good, but being human and allowing ourselves to have feelings and expressing those feelings is even more powerful. How can we get to know our children if we never allow our feelings to come out? How can we get to know our spouse if we never allow our feelings to be expressed? How can we get to know Great Spirit if we never allow our feelings to open our heart and allow love to come in? None of this can happen if we wall off all those feelings.

How Did We Get Off Track – Take for instance, if something traumatic takes place in our life perhaps when we were a child, and we don’t want to feel that pain we put up a wall so we can’t feel anything. And that strategy works to save the child from pain for a while. But when the child grows up and needs to be close to his family and loved ones it’s impossible for him to do so… because he has walled off all his feelings. And if he walls off one feeling… he walls off all feelings including joy, happiness, excitement, bliss, and the ability to feel all the great parts of life.

Intuition is Also Feeling – At the same time, our feelings are also our intuition about life. And thus without feelings, we can’t have that gut feeling and we end up in many dire situations that could have been avoided if we were able to feel. Thus life is turned upside down because we are trying to figure everything out with logic… and logic by itself will not get us very far in life. In the end, logic by itself leaves us feeling alone because people really don’t know how to connect with us on a personal level. Thus we sequester ourselves away… thinking ourselves into a deep hole which eventually becomes a deep depression.

How Do We Heal – This is nothing new, this has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. But how do we allow our feelings to come out and start tearing down that great wall? Well, it takes time, and it’s done by going inward to find out what we are feeling. Learning to meditate is one great way to access our feelings. Many times when we are meditating feelings will well up from within and thus it’s important to allow those feelings to be expressed. Tears are a super cleansing agent for the spirit… and thus it’s important to allow those tears to flow. Also watching lots of joyful and sad movies and allowing our feelings to be expressed.

There are Groups of People Like This – It’s interesting that even whole groups of people come together because they are not vulnerable. And many of these people even control much of what we have going on in the world. They are strong and have lots of self-control… plus they think that any kind of vulnerability is a weakness. Personally, I find this very interesting, for even Jesus wept in the garden and even Krishna cried when his most loyal friend Karna died.

Even Animals Feel – Even lions weep when one of their pride passes on, and elephants weep when one of the group passes away. When our dog JoJo past on our little dog Higo grieved for a very long time… thus to have feelings is universal. And to not have feelings is to lock ourselves into a psychological prison that keeps us prisoner for all eternity if we allow our pride and ego to take over.

And Not Feeling Creates Disease – We are human, thus we are to have feelings and it’s important to allow those feelings to be expressed. Plus locking away our feelings brings about turmoil in the body which eventually leads to disease.

Thus it’s important to allow our feelings to be expressed and let go of, and thus we are free to be ourselves… allowing love to filter into our heart.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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