Testimonials for Dr. Paul Haider 

Dr. Haider

I checked out your diet and I completely agree with you, Dr. Haider. I’ve actually been on your diet for almost six years now, and only recently found you here on Youtube.

I can attest everything you say is correct, I’ve achieved the highest levels of physical fitness since switching to this lifestyle. I have an abundance of energy, I can run like the wind for countless miles, do so much exercise with so much intensity, and have built an amazing physique. You’ll never need to worry about your weight on the whole foods plant based (vegan) lifestyle. Your body will return to its natural size and shape. All of your health problems will simultaneously be washed away effortlessly. You won’t need any more medication, your food is your medicine, and it all taste’s amazing! Your body will go through an amazing healing and regenerative process. All the while helping to protect the environment and bettering the well being of the animals. People, please believe what Dr. Haider is promoting here. He has no ulterior motives, this is some of the most powerful information he’s spreading. You owe it to yourself to give this lifestyle a chance, it’s a way to show unconditional love to one’s self, and your body only deserves the best!

By Cold World on Youtube

Thank you, Dr. Haider!


Dear Dr. Haider

You advised me to stop feeding my cat anything from a can and use organic… I managed to locate a brand that sells “human grade organic” food for cats–She loved the taste of it also.

Yesterday was the first day I fed absolutely NO CANS and Organic and just the new food and…her wheezing has completely stopped! Today she is completely cured!

She had been coughing for 3 weeks and the herbs were helping, but this was the change that pushed her over into wellness. I’m also going to buy & cook some wild caught salmon from Whole Foods a couple times a week.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I wouldn’t have thought it’d be something so simple as a diet change (which is not easy for a cat!)


Andi Hays


Testimonial – Paula Samuels – 2017

Thank you, Dr. Paul, for sharing the wonderful knowledge of holistic healing and power of juicing and your whole foods plant based diet. And put me on the path of meditation by having me go to a Vipassana Meditation Retreat. Your diet along with daily meditation has made my obsessive compulsive disorder disappear. And I feel your animal protein free, gluten free, dairy free, and sugar-free diet has helped me immensely in dealing with my anxiety and depression. I feel like a new person!

Thank You and God bless You, Dr. Paul

Paula Samuels


Dear Doctor,. thank you for this positive perspective on depression, and likening it to gardening, which was clever. I also laughed, because the soil in my own garden is very heavy thick blue clay and I tried turning it over once or twice but had to give up because it broke an iron pickaxe from off its wooden handle!  I’m glad my depression has never been like that dense, heavy clay!  Your positive outlook is most encouraging, I am learning so many valuable lessons from your videos.

Thank you sincerely, Val OBrien


Dr. Paul Haider thank you so much for your time n efforts Sharing all the good n the best remedies in life. You’re a gift from heaven. I keep listening to your video every day and wish you more blessing to share more of your knowledge to cure people in a natural way.

I got way better because of you. I am diabetic with kidney failure (stages 4) and by listening to your video every day I learned a million things… now I am getting healthy and strong because of you.  Thank you so much!

Elvie Lacson


You are the most generous person of all.

The Spirit has done an overwhelming work in your heart.

Glad to have found you, Dr. Haider.

Labour in love until your time for departure.

You are needed and loved.

Lawrence Walter Buck


Dr. Haider,

I found you on you tube just a few months ago as I was searching for information about milk thistle.

I need to let you know that I now am holding a great appreciation for your Spiritual Teachings.

They have begun to allow me a focus that is essential at this time in life, and between this Spiritual Food and Water for the healing of the soul, mind, and heart, and the healing whole food plant based diet for our body… I have in a short time gained an overwhelming quality of life back.

It is a long journey in Gods time and great joy is Gods reward.

The simplicity of your teachings is a pearl of great price.

I would say that even a child who has ears to hear would have no problem understanding you.

Thank you for being a part of our life.

In Gods Love and Gratitude,

Lawrence Buck


Love Dr. Haiders videos

He has introduced me to so many herbs

I am now making tinctures and feeling bit by bit better

Such a great teacher

I look forward to many more inspiring videos

Linda LeBlanc


Lone Wolf Vegan Warrior on Youtube – “You are amazing Dr. Haider… even with all the herbs encyclopedias and plant medicine books I have, you still come up with plants I’ve never even come across! (PS – You are the one that saved my cat’s life when I was stumped and the vet was useless.)”


Testimonial – Michael Butayev – 2017

You have no idea what your videos mean to my well being… thank you very much, sir!


Using Breadfruit Leaf Tea

You probably saved my life… my blood pressure went From 255/117 to normal in just 5 days. The medicine from my Doctor was not having an effect.

I want to thank you

Norma Lettman


Testimonial – Healing Periodontal Disease – Peter Suslock

Oh- A little off topic here but wow has brushing with Tea Tree Oil helped me out.

I was facing the dreadful root planning… I owe you Doc.

Peter Suslock


Testimonial About my video on Serrapeptase on Youtube

I’m 69 years old and I’ve been running/jogging for 47 1/2 years. I’m not as strong or fast as when I was younger but I’m still out there and that makes me happy.  I’ve been taking Serrapeptase for 12 months. I understand now why they call it the miracle enzyme. It has made a big difference in my life.

TheWildBill242 – Youtube


Dr. Haider – Your understanding is an inspiration. I appreciate every one of your posts and find myself looking forward to reading more, with the hope of implementing the lessons and gaining my own understanding.

You are loved and appreciated and have my thanks

From a Reddit.com Reader


Thank You, Dr. Haider Lemon Balm worked for me. Finally anxiety-free after trying more than 100 supplements over a 2.5 year period. The main neuro chemical it targets is GABA. The whole or standardized herb works perfectly. Nature does indeed have all the answers.

Musa Issa


Testimonial 2 – Lawrence Buck – 2017

I watch a series of your spiritual teachings. As I was viewing 3 of the videos this morning this the third one.

Before the ending of this one, my heart was crushed and I am brought to tears.

It had been many years since I have cried, being hardened by hardships in a troubled world.

When I had met God in early 1979 I could not have gone on any further without Him. He lifted me out of the doom and placed me in the heavenly realms.

That year I cried bitter rivers of tears daily as I had been crushed near to death and saved by Gods great love.

I can tell by the way you say it at each video’s end.! Where I am at the present, without the need to explain some more resent past difficult challenges that were grievous to bare, is that I now have found a peace, love, happiness and joy so soothing and healing like never before. The diet and your spiritual teachings are the components and of course a God I know that loves me.In this state I tend not want to lose it, and thus as I am exalted in it in the past weeks I seem to have suffered many more troubles from people.It is as though something would rob it from me. So I have been quietly considering what may I do in the face of the adversities.

First be still, do not react, sort out my desires to retaliate and seek for Gods wisdom.So this video among others here open the way to liberty.And that with the teachings of Christ living in my heart and mind they are a guiding light to the way.I can only surrender to become a blessing to those whose hands I suffer the distractions at.The flexible nature of God tore through the depths this morning, brought me to tears again and constitutionally I am now able to be a blessing to even my adversaries.That’s what it is as a consent to truly follow in Gods ways in order to persevere to save the gift of the blessing.Therefore you are a part of me.And love is the chief of all commandments given.As I had mentioned your spiritual teachings have given me edification and an excellent focus in Truth.The depths of what is in my heart was brought to light watching the videos this morning. Therefore my tears were of compassion and joy..!!I can “move ahead.”

I love you Dr. Haider


Testimonial about Qigong for Back Pain

Greetings from Sri Lanka!

Your Qigong exercise for  back pain worked for me miraculously Dr. Haider

God Bless you!

Upali Kaluarachchi


Testimonial by Xuchiti Ortega

Hi Dr. Haider, thank you for everything. Your articles are very inspirational and a source of hope and energy for many of us. Your words are fresh breath to anyone interested in the healing arts and mindfulness.

I’m happy to spread your words of wisdom. Nowadays many people need your knowledge and spiritual guidance. I hope that your light can illuminate thousands more…. May God shower His choicest blessings on you,

Once again thank you,


Xuchitl Ortega


Testimonial – from Rajeev Mandani

Dr. Paul Haider a modern day natural healer and a man with a heart of gold. God bless you brother. Keep up the good work. Kudos. Dr. Paul the entire world knows you and the good work you do. We need to get inspired from you and do our part of helping people in our own small ways. You are truly a God’s man. Stay blessed my friend.

Rajeev Mandani


Testimonial to My Video  “Reset Your Circadian Rhythms – And Sleep Well”

I had a Circadian Disorder for 10 years. It had a wrecking effect on all areas of my life: relationships, work, brain – it damaged my brain worryingly.  None of the many conventional doctors I visited was ever able to identify or remedy my disorder.  As I took it upon myself to investigate,  Dr. Haider’s video “Reset Your Circadian Rhythms – And Sleep Well” had an instrumental role. It made it all make sense for me.

I applied its principles immediately. Soon after, I saw that what 10 years of all medical and personal efforts could never even slightly remedy, the simple act of returning to living in a more natural way – specifically in an environment that is bright during the daytime and dark at night – cured completely. I turned my life around, recovered my energy, myself and (with help of nutrition) my brain. I went from a very low existence to one full of energy and happiness.

Thank you, Dr. Haider and best wishes,

Marta Bravo


Testimonial for Whole Foods Plant Based Diet 

Thank you so much, Dr. Haider, for your great kindness and counsel.

I have some ginseng plants in my garden but I had a history of hypertensive urgency. After 4 months of eating plant-based foods, I had 120/80 in my last bp. Now, based on your advice, I have to set aside the idea of taking ginseng extract and to maintain fruits and vegetables. Thanks again. Thanks and Glory to the LORD GOD Almighty for His moral law and dietary law in Genesis 1:29 which teaches of fruits and vegetables as the meat for mankind in conjunction with His dietary law in the time of prophet Moses.

Thank you so much, Dr. Haider

Ed Sabino


Thank You, Dr. Haider, for Your Great Diet

I started the raw food diet a long time ago. The raw food diet encompasses not only fruits and vegetables, it includes herbs, spices, tubers, roots, algae, and supplements. Ingesting high vibrating foods let one attune to inner senses and develop a deep trust in the body specific requirement, not also in terms of complex and whole foods, but also in other areas such as love, relationships and the look for a purpose in life. For me has been a wonderful experience not only because of the inherent healing qualities of the raw food but also because it is a process of spiritual and emotional growth. Adding meditation to this particular lifestyle adds, even more, joy, since it opens the spirit to reach new heights.

Dr. Haider with his vast experience in the healing path offers many resources on his website that enlighten the path and serves as a guide in the journey. He is also a caring person who knows how to integrate science into practical daily endeavors that may help anyone to thrive.

Live abundantly, graciously and appreciate all beings!

Thank You, Dr. Haider

Wendy Alfaro


Thank you Dr Paul for sharing the wonderful knowledge of holistic healing and power of juicing and your whole foods plant based diet. And putting me on the path of meditation by having me go to a Vipassana Meditation Retreat. Your diet along with daily meditation has made my obsessive compulsive disorder disappear. And I feel your animal protein free, gluten free, dairy free, and sugar free diet has helped me immensely in dealing with my anxiety and depression. I feel like a new person!

Thank You and God bless You Dr. Paul

Paula Samuels


First off I want to say how I have enjoyed your posts of the Casa. I came across your blog about a month ago, and you have enriched my life with many of your posts, comments and information. So thank you very much for the good work you do!

You had said on your latest post that you could email the picture of the healing triangle. So I am asking if you could email it to me. I am going to print it out, and do what you have suggested on your post.

A few minutes ago, I pulled up the picture of the healing triangle in your blog up on my computer, and figured, I would try and use the image right on the computer screen. So I prayed a prayer to the healing entities of light at the casa, in Abidiania, Brazil. I did this 2 times. And then shortly I felt a slight headache come on me which is still there, and I think something is already happening!

Anyway, thank you so much for the good work you do, and thanks for emailing me the image.

Continued blessings to you with your healing journey on this planet!

Linda Vaughn


Hello Dr. Haider,

I recently contacted you in regard to emailing me the healing triangle at the Casa, in Abidiania, Brazil. I was happy to discover your website and blog, and found it to be a great blessing.

I am emailing you now, after having read your latest blog about waking from our dream. When I think about this truth, it brings tears to my eyes, because that is my goal. The truth about our true existence is so beautiful, there are really no words.

But I know of no one, no one, in my immediate circle of life who knows and believes this. Yes, there are some who believe in heaven and the other side of the veil, but it is all about eternal living with Jesus. They think that once they leave this earth of pain and suffering, theyll be done, and can bask in eternity and never come back.

If we don’t break the veil now, realize our oneness, and that we ARE eternal, unlimited beings, and really not our bodies and minds, we will just come back here for more pain and suffering until we do realize all of this.

I think one of the most profound books I have recently read, is OSHO’s book, “The Book of Secret …112 meditations to discover the mystery within…”

Anyway, I just wanted to reach out to you with this email, because the majority of our life experience with ourselves and the rest of the world is one of being in a coma, and when you find someone speaking about waking from the coma, it is a rarity, it is inspiring, it is hopeful, and I thank you for that.

I will continue to read your blogs and be blessed and encouraged by them.

Continued blessings,

Linda Vaughan


Thank you for your wisdom and love. Since my Mom passed in June your videos have been a great comfort. When you close with “I Love You” I say the same phrase back to you. So many thanks for your beautiful messages and loving ways. God Bless You.

Becky Stanton – Youtube


Testimonial about my Youtube Video “Ashwaganda Root for Stress” 2017

Thanks again Dr. Paul Haider for the amazing information your sharing with us! Ive had issues with high anxiety and have had panic attacks when in school doing presentations in front of class, also I’ve had anxiety and problems with normal day tasks like socializing with new people.

But after a steady intake of Ashwagandha for a month, I’ve lost like 90% of all my stress and anxiety and can finally socialize with people and have no random anxiety attacks. Thank you so much Dr. Paul Haider! Much Love!

The Notorious – on Youtube


Testimonial – Kathy Olmstead – FB – 2017

I want to say thank you for being there to help. i work in community care. each home i go to i give. i feel quite drained from that. it is understandable because there is not balance. these are not friendships in the sense of give/give. i have learned how to recharge myself with love and the want of servitude. again thank you. this helps me to recharge. and gardening. wink wink. i know you enjoy that also. i hope you enjoy your day. many blessings to you.

Kathy Olmstead on FB – 2017


Testimonial Nov 2017

Public Comment on Youtube

Hello Dr. Paul, your such an inspiration and a very calming individual !! This troubled world needs many more inspirational individuals such as your self to help people realize that its not all about money and what you have but rather to help your fellow man ! Please stay the course and keep up with your wonderful videos and teachings for a better world !!!

Peter Bocheck


Public Comment – Solace – Youtube 2018

Dr. Haider, Dana and I are going to be sitting down tonight and giving you a total of what we will be sending you from Solace. It has been a very difficult dark year 2017 and I am at the end of coming off of being on SSRIs for over 30 years I had a near-death experience in 2009 and I know that my path has led me to be a Healer in to heal so I can help others you inspire me to find joy in every circumstance. Right now my body is experiencing the last part of coming off of an SSRI called Effexor I’m living in Silicon Valley and I’m getting the medical care to make sure that I am not going to be in danger but it has been pure hell of vomiting every day and shaking and keeping all of that away from my son so that we have a joyful time and hiding myself away so I can be sick when I need to be and excuse myself when I need to vomit .my plant lifestyle and connecting to the plant and talking with the plant and thinking of plants as I’m eating them as I am consuming them has changed me thank you. I didn’t have the dove hit me in the chest but I was at a Green Day concert and before I went to the Green Day concert I had asked Spirit to show me if I were to be a Healer because people were coming to me and asking me if I were offering to heal and it was just strange and I began to have classes around me and then I had Spirit beings coming in my dreams and then I started to develop a landscape and I’ve had to learn a lot about who to trust and who not to trust and I’ve had to learn a lot about being able to charge for my services as an entertainment and really pretty much give away or if not barter or scale services that are healing. So here and Silicon Valley I get hired as entertainment and it’s understood as entertainment. But when someone calls me because I need to talk or because they need to share or I need to hold space for them or they need to heal, I agree with some kind of exchange of energy whether we barter or some other type of currency. I am honored to serve. I understand what you mean about the veil and I understand what you mean about the different levels that we are currently existing in. I was bitten by a tick in 2009 I got very sick in fact if you look at my personal video on my profile you can see the like the oldest video you can see where right before near death. Now, I would appreciate any advice or any guidance regarding having to get off of Effexor I appreciate that your doctor and understand that you can’t give medical advice but regarding shaking you know I know how to ground and of course I sent to myself and calling Christ Consciousness and my body seems to be doing its own thing with jerking and shaking I am getting better but affects or just really terrible and I didn’t think that it was anything I ever had to come off of because I was told that I would have to be on some type of antidepressant for the rest of my life. I am so much healthier now that I’ve been on a plant-based lifestyle I even feel as I am in alignment with my Soul thank you for your wisdom thank you for your service. My dad when he died in 2012 he told me that I had Healing Hands. I wanted to be an occupational therapist and I did I tried to stay in college but I ended up working two jobs and staying at hospital because they needed me because I was a recreational therapist and state was coming and it was constant crisis and I was constantly working in crisis and I was always you know trying to join team the people who are in crisis. When my dad was dying I felt people come and go I felt my granny there I felt a lot of people were coming in or surrounding him that it passed as people in 3D came in and people in 5D came in. My desire for this… this coming season of 2018 is more laughter my family and I want to laugh more and less technology more board games more trips to the beach more sunsets.


John Daley Testimonial – 2018

Thank You Dr. Haider

Very recent I had some health problem. And I contacted Dr. Haider and he graciously provided me recommendations for the problem and Dr. Haider did all of this without asking for any kind of payment.

I this was not the first time I have contacted Dr. Haider regarding problems or situations that were affecting me or someone I know.

Dr. Haider generously donated his time and experience in order to help me heal in amazing ways. And I always gain great knowledge from Dr. Haider’s website, and his shared experiences… plus I always come away inspired.

Again thank you so much.

John Daley


Kimberly Testimonial – 2018 – Public Youtube Comment

Dr. Haider, thank you for your contribution to love, discipline and bringing people closer to truth and love.I love you, for inspiring humans to stop searching outside but inside for love and peace and draw closer to God. I ‘ve been exercising and attempting to maintain a balance in life in mind, body, and spirit for over 40 years. However, it is so easy to allow others who are not educated in this area who have not found a balance to drain me of energy and love. I love unconditionally, but some people just won’t open up to learning what you are teaching. I feel like I will end up alone because it is difficult to meet like-minded men. I don’t have to have a romantic love to be happy but it would be nice. I will continue to follow your site because your experiences bring me love and peace even over the Youtube, I can feel it. Peace and love to you and yours.



Michael Molondo – 2018 – Public Comment FB

Dr. Haider helped my father with diabetes and now he is improving.

Dr. Haider is helping thousands of people around the world.

May the Lord bless the work of his hands.

Michael Molondo –  Uganda


Betty Fulghum Fabian – 2018 – Public Comment FB

Dr. Haider gave me some advice about the pain I was having in my lower back (due to a car accident). It was so simple, so innocent, and so easy… all I had to do was breathe🙏🏼 Deep breathing exercises was the answerI thanked him at the time and also thanked God for leading me to him🙏🏼 I would like to thank you again Dr. Paul Haider for your advice and help You are truly a wonderful person, please continue helping humanity🌟🙏🏼 – Betty 


Rev. James H. Mason III – 2018

Dear Dr. Paul, first of all, I love you. My name is Rev. James H Mason III. I’ve come along with my health. I almost died twice in 2015 as I became deathly ill with a lung infection. I was 439 pounds and now I’m about 268. My goal is to get under 200 pounds this year. I’m now plant-based and getting better daily. My kidneys took a major hit (from medications) and now I go to treatment 3 times a week. However, I’ve been seeking God for wisdom because I believe that God can heal and as you believe Fred the body the right things it will heal its self. So I’ve been seeking God for wisdom and came across your YouTube channel and am being blessed. So blessed, I’ve been up since 1am this morning and have been watching all of them. Thank you, sir, for your ministry. I will get better and never need these treatments again. I watched what the health, forks over knives and made the change last year and making more changes daily. I seek to live by example but I’m not perfect. Thanks again and as you’ve said at the end of every video…. Have a good day and I love you… God Bless!!! Pray for me and my family!

Rev. James H Mason III


Linda Helena – 2018 – Public Youtube Comment

Dr.Haider, I remember, that before age of 3, I continuously ‘was’ Peace. Those 3 years were heavenly. And I remember it as if it was yesterday! I never forgot that state of being. My grandparents and my family loved me, not because I did something to please them, but they loved me just because I existed! What more could I wish? I was Love in Paradise! After the age of 3, I moved towards my parents and had to go to school and I had to accept rules from others that were not mine. And when I broke the rules of the ‘rulers’ I got punished… sometimes very badly, just because I followed my own true rules of innocence. That way, to survive here on this planet, I had to break my own rules… I had to leave Paradise. Becoming older I started to remember… they can break my body and my mind, but nobody can take away the Peace of the One that I Am. You’re so right with your vision about all of that. Thank you Dr.Haider for posting truth and wisdom!

Linda Helena


Youtube Testimonial – Ankhordumenl – 2018

I cured my type 4 blood cancer with a strict vegan diet and herbs after the chem and stem cell transplants failed during the course of 11 months. And funnily I wasn’t a meat eater but I used to consume a lot of cheese and dairy and sugary foods before my diagnosis. I never appreciated how dangerous sugar was to forming disease until ai laid in a hospital bed and researched it on my laptop. When you are younger you tend not to care. Meanwhile, my doctor was telling me not to read anything on the internet and to “eat lots of sugar”. CAn’t believe she advised me to eat lots of sugar and relax. Had I not taken my health into my own hands and taken her advice I most definitely would have passed away… Thank YouDr. Haider



Youtube Public Comment – Testimonial – T Powel – 2018

Dr. Haider, the work you are doing here by educating People is so needed! Americans have been propagandized by the meat and dairy industries for sooo long….People are just down right confused…They have been taught that whole food carbs is what is making them over weight…When in actuality it is the animal fat, dairy and oils….Since I have been eating whole foods, plant based foods, I am at a healthy, stable weight and could not have more energy!! Much appreciation and love to you!! Also, I want that Sweet potato pie recipe!!

T. Powell


A Wonderful Note I was Sent – 2018

Hello Mr. Haider,

I just want to thank you greatly for being such an amazingly inspiring positive human being and for spreading all of your messages I hope more people hear what You have to say!

Have a great day – from Germany

Christian Kraus


Testimonial – T Powell – Public Comment on Youtube – 2018 

For my video “The Most Important Life Supplements for Healing”

Dr. Haider, I’ve been struggling with self-pity, anger, and feelings stuck this last year. The loving wisdom you have shared has assisted with my recent transformation into wellness. Thank you for discussing this… We are all one, and we must love ourselves, so we can properly love and help others… I have so much gratefulness to you my friend.



Gaia Sophia – Testimonial 2018

Dr. Paul Haider, I had COPD and Terrible Allergies and After watching your video 1 month ago, I have been taking 120,000 SPU Serrapeptase and 40,000 SPU Nattokinase twice a day. My allergies 100% left me in 2 days! I can now breathe easily and clearly after many years! I wake up not stiff and have great energy again. Both are all natural and don’t have any side effects. The way God intended.

I have shared your info with friends suffering from COPD.

Just spreading the LOVE


Public Youtube Comment – 2018

About My Video Healing Periodontal Disease

I’ve tried his advise which is the tea tree oil for over a month now ! It works wonder ! I used to have a swollen gums and bleeding  all the time when I brushed my teeth now it does not bleed that much anymore!

Care Necesario


Public Youtube Comment – 2018 

Hi Doctor Haider I just want to give an update, Of course I will not know really how I am doing until I go to the dentist (I was supposed to go in May but because of other personal commitments I am going  sometime in June) I have been doing this for the most part twice a day (There have been days I’ve done it 3 times and other days mostly once) when I started a part of my gums was very sensitive to cold and if I sucked in any air it hurt like hell in that area but now after about 3 months of doing this my teeth do not feel sensitive and there is no pain of air hitting the area, Also and I am not sure of this because I did not document this but if I remember correctly a few months ago my teeth felt looser, but now they do not and also I am not sure but I think maybe my gums are growing back I know that is not possible and maybe my mind is playing tricks on me but I could almost swear that when I look at my teeth I see areas (not all) where I could swear there was more tooth showing 3 months ago then there is now. As I said in another post the last time I went my gums were in very bad shape and maybe they still are BUT these things I talked about are encouraging me and for the first time in my life, I am looking forward to seeing my dentist.

Jimmy M 


Public Youtube Comment – 2018 

Thank you for this posting about your experience with John of God. And due in part to your great speech I am currently in Brazil and have been cured of Lyme disease. I couldn’t walk when I first got here. I’ll always think of you and be eternally grateful.

Steph Tous 


Public Youtube Comment – 2018

I have just started to learn the medicinal purposes of the herbs and plants on my land. I made a salve from the plantain plant for insect bites, poison ivy etc…It works better than any over the counter drug I’ve tried and I’m looking forward to learning from you now also! Thank you and God bless!

James Nelson 


Emailed Testimonial – Florance Longe – 2018 

Florance had multiple disease processes going on – and I recommended she go on my diet.

Thank you so much, Dr. Haider

I have noticed a drastic increase in my energy, and overall I feel great, my blood circulation has improved before I couldn’t lie down flat without coughing but now I can. The pain all over my body has subsided and I no longer feel fatigue. My eyesight is so good I can see more clearly than before. My next appointment is mid-October I will be able to give a more detailed review then.

Thank you so much

Florence Longe 


Lost 30 Pounds in a Month on My Diet – 2018

“A Woman Makes a Quick 30 Pound Change in Her Life” – Lowers Her Blood Pressure 

Here is a lady who decided she was tired of all the aches, pains, and high blood pressure and decided to make a change in her life and follow my diet and lifestyle. It takes willpower to do this and she has come through with flying colors.

Read the Full Story

Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist



Healed of Kidney Disease on My Protocol for Healing Kidney Disease – True Story – 2018

“A Man is Healed of His Terrible Kidney Disease”

“Yes Kidney Disease Can Be Healed”

Anthony Lewis started Dr. Haider’s “Natural Protocol for Healing Kidney Disease” with only 15 percent of his kidney function left. And now he is almost completely healed and will be completely healed in just a few days and back to full kidney function— Wow!

Read More – Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist



Youtube – Public Comment – by Orpheus Owl – 2018 

I love hearing your stories. Great insights about how just one allergen can impede healing, whether it’s food or anger or visiting the past or escaping mentally through substances. And abiding by your 100% plant-based diet is crucial!!!!


Youtube – Public Comment – by Mike Deridisi – 2018

Dr. Haider, your tea tree treatment is definitely excellent for periodontal disease, mine cleared up inside the one month using 3 x daily, and a continued swilling for a further 5 minutes. I had not been able to put chewing pressure on a back molar for some 3 years, but now have no problem with this. Really miraculous!!!!! I also had a problem next to a bottom back molar with a wisdom tooth that is under the surface that kept getting infected with a pus pocket; no longer a problem, all cleared!!! If someone desires to, can they continue with the tea tree oil regularly for an extended time period more often than say once or twice monthly? Many thanks once again!

Mike Deridisi 


Claudia Garcia Cabrera – Public Comment – FB – 2018 

Aloha Dr. Paul Haider, I came across you while doing some research on John of God. I listened to some of your videos and have learned a few things which I am grateful for like brushing teeth with some drops of tea tree oil and coconut oil. I like to share these tips with the people I care about and wanted to thank you also in their name. If you and your wife ever make it to Hawaii let me know and I am glad to share some of our special spots and show you around. Love and light laced with Aloha  


Gold Goose – Public Comment on Youtube – 2018 

Beautiful…you’ve seriously saved my life man…your diet has already reduced my twitches down to almost nothing….and I feel better than I ever have…I must admit…I’m sticking to it very strictly and just WOW!


Derek Martin – Public Youtube Comment – 2018 

You absolutely radiate positivity sir. I subbed to the channel after asking about opiate withdrawals about 6 days ago. Your attitude, friendliness, information, and pure positivity absolutely makes my day better. You are a breath of fresh air in a cold world of negativity. Very much a fan Dr. Haider! Love your attitude and willingness to help others. Thank you so much!


Laura Prince – Public Youtube Testimonial – 2018 

Dr H, I should have recognized a fellow meditator. There’s a certain youthfulness and good cheer about meditators. I learned TM over 40 years ago, and have practiced it ever since. Anyone that has TRIED to meditate, and struggled with it, stopped, restarted, known that it’s what they need but not been able to make themselves do it consistently- needs to learn this practice. TM is pleasurable to do. It’s something you will look forward to. It is effortless. Literally, if you have to work at it, you’re doing it wrong. And yet, for the ease of the practice, it wasn’t something I could teach myself (I tried). I describe it as finding a new gear in your brain that you didn’t know existed (which in fact is a very slow brainwave we typically do not experience). It seems to be taught by direct transmission from the instructors, so yes, do look for a TM center and understand that you are giving yourself a life-long gift by allowing them to introduce you to it.


Balanced-Zhez – Public Youtube Comment – 2018 

About – My Video – The Most Powerful Supplement on the Planet 

Dr. Haider – I’ve been a vegan since I was 16 and I’m now nearly 60. I meditate 30 mins every morning & every evening. Its definitely helped me cope with situations like grief, raising my children, how to let go of anger, my mind is basically quiet all the time,If a problem presents itself,I don’t give it much of my energy. I will set aside time to meditate on the problem at hand. When people ask me for advice I just tell them to just go sit somewhere quiet & calm your mind deep breath and the answer that you are looking for will come. But definitely learn to meditate.


New Public Testimonial on Youtube – 2019

About Healing Periodontal Disease Part 2 

By Rustic Wood 

I discovered Dr. Paul Haider after searching for information on periodontal disease and since have watched many of his great videos on other subjects. Tea tree oil is a REAL benefit in treating this condition of the gums, which can have many different causes however the biggest cause is NEGLECT of dental hygiene, regular cleanings etc. A point worth mentioning: After asking a dental hygienist here in Canada about the use of tea tree and other essential oils as per the use in treating this condition I was told “we are only allowed to recommend treatments authorized by the college of dentistry” but went on to comment in private that there is “likely” some benefit to such treatments. The lesson- sometimes we must not be afraid to look beyond “traditional medicine” to heal ourselves. Ask for advice, and then do your own research. My intuition tells me that ALL of Dr.Paul’s teachings/ lessons are based on genuine honesty and a desire to help others. I wish to thank you. This works people.


Testimonial – Zoe Norman – Public Youtube Comment – 2019

God is Good!!! Your Videos keep popping up on my feed that are so relevant to my exact moment!! God bless you Dr. Haider you are so wise!!! Thank You brother for sharing God’s good word!!!



Testimonial – 2019 

Youtube Public Comment – Monique Nicol 

You to me have so much knowledge of healing the body that I am so sad that you do not have the reincarnation that you deserve. Even though I know this is not why you do this. 


Thank You for Sharing Your Knowledge 

You have saved my life with many illnesses and I thank You 


Testimonial – Idjet Reed – Youtube – 2019

On Healing Periodontal Disease – Part 2

Thank You for All That You Do for Everyone!

Dr. Haider – I’ve Used Your Tea Tree Regiment for a While Now… and It’s Wonderful… So Healthy — God Bless You


New Testimonial – Youtube – 2019 – Amy Lewine 

Thanks for a great video. I agree 100% with this video. Energy Work and Massage gave me my life back. After I was introduced to hands on healing I became a Massage Therapist. I do Therapeutic Massage most of the time with energy work as well. Thanks for educating the people. I wish more health practitioners were open minded like you.



New Testimonial – Vegan Demon – Youtube – 2019 

I follow a lot of doctors and the like, I must say Dr. Haider is number one by far, fills me with the knowledge and joy of life and wish you a very long and happy one. Blessed Child of God.



Testimonial – Mary E. Brooks – Facebook – 2019

About Dr. Haider’s Diet and Lifestyle

Eating this way is doing miracles for my health and how I feel. Within a week I no longer need 4 pills every day for diabetes and high blood pressure. I feel great instead of having pain all the time from various health issues.

Mary E. Brooks


Testimonial – 2019 – Heather Piazza – Youtube

Thank you so much for all the information Dr. Haider, I have followed you for a year and my health has improved. I especially like the information on meditation. Meditation every day has changed my life!


Testimonial – 2019 – Public Youtube Comment – by Kangjhha

I taught this man about meditation and living in the moment to help his social anxiety- Here is what he said in an update.

Dr. Paul Haider Just a quick update, I can say now my social anxiety has gone from a 10 to a 2 or 3 without taking any supplements or medications. Only thing bad about this is I tend to see my stomach sticking out more nowadays since my body is more relaxed state throughout the day… hahahaha. I am so happier now and I had a moment a few weeks ago when it hit me…. I was just thinking to myself, “wow I feel like my old self again”…. I know its cliche but I haven’t felt like this since I was in my early teens which was nearly 30yrs ago. I do recall now reading a social anxiety help book in my twenties where it mentioned a relaxed body cannot support an anxious mind and vice versa but never took it seriously and have been doing CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) over the years to get better at combating negative thinking supplementing diversion tactics in my head but you know how that goes…I find that now if I relax my body my mind does not wander and it JUST STOPS, no more thinking about something over and over again playing out different scenarios, what if this what if that. I am so much more present in the moment and smile when I want to not because I think I have to… 🙂 Oh and depression completely gone too since I am no longer compulsively thinking about something bad that happened to me or if I just had a bad day… I seem to or now my mind just allows me to move on from a bad experience without dwelling on it, this is pretty neat.



New Testimonial – 2019 – On My Video – “Healing Periodontal Disease Naturally” — Public Youtube Comment — Feel Free to Share — Dr. Haider

Dr. Haider – my goodness. I discovered this video by accident and drove down to the health shop immediately. What can I say?? A fabulous remedy. After one week my gums are looking so much better after three years of gum drama. Thank you.



Testimonial – B. Long – Youtube Public Comment —under Healing Diabetes Naturally Video – 2019 

Hey Dr. Paul!! I reversed my Pre-Diabetic Neuropathy in under a month with your diet and Alpha Lipoic Acid… Thanks So Much!!!

About Dr. Paul Haider

Dr. Paul Haider has been a Master Herbalist for over 25 years. Dr. Haider helps those looking for healing and realization. Dr. Haider has over 4,000 articles about natural health and spirituality, a radio show, and writes for many magazines including OM Times Magazine. Dr. Paul Haider - Contact him on his Website contact form at www.paulhaider.com - and also on FB under Dr. Paul Haider
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