“What John of God said to Me”

“My First Step Towards Healing”

And as I walked up to see John of God after passing all the people and mediums meditating it was profound. The energy in the room is vibrating and it can be felt in an amazing way. And they also have lots of 300 and 400-pound quartz crystals in the room and they seem to be intensifiers for the energy.

Orbs of Light Around the Casa Where John of God Resides

And when I passed my paper to the interpreter and the told John of God who is in full trance what I wanted to be healed… John of God almost immediately said in Portuguese “Surgery this Afternoon”. And I noticed that all the rest of the people were getting a piece of paper with a prescription for an herb on it… but I did not get one. And the herb is all the same “Passion Flower” but the energy placed into those capsules of passion flower by the Entities of Light is powerful… and the energy is just for that one single person.

The Entities of Light place energy into the herb and make it super healing just for you. And then we all past into another room and there are a few very powerful mediums in that room who are putting out healing energy into the room and you stay there from 5 to 40 minutes meditating. Then you go out and go to the pharmacy to get your passion flower herb that is just for you.

But I was asked to go to surgery. But surgery is not cutting someone open in the real sense of the word… it’s a spiritual healing. (Occasionally they do a real surgery but that is very uncommon and you have to ask for that) So that afternoon I was in the big hall and they have people talking and praying. And when they call “1st Operation Line” you stand up and go get in that line and slowing move past all the people in the current room where hundreds of people are meditating. And finally make it into the other healing room where the special mediums are…. and you sit there for about 40 minutes meditating. And I have to tell you the energy in that room is amazing. Then you come out and they give you a prescription for your own special herb or passion flower that is full of healing energy from the Entities of Light. So I picked up my herbs… and then it was time to go back to the “Pousada” and to my room.

And you stay in your room for 24 hours after the operation. And you take your herbs in the morning and in the evening and it is powerful… and the people at the “Pousada” bring all your meals to your room. But I was not sleepy at all, and I have taken lots of passion flower capsules in the past and so I didn’t think this was going to do anything to me at all. But as soon as I took that capsule I almost dropped like a rock. This was about 3:30 PM… so I laid down and closed my eyes and right away started dreaming.

My first dream was that the Entities of Light came to me and opened up my kidneys and removed all the tissue. And then it was like the light of a fax machine moving across my opened kidneys… and the tissue was replaced with healthy tissue. Something like a 3-D printer… but in a spiritual sense.

Then twice a vortex of white light opened up over my body and white light energy came down and my whole body started to shake and I was awakened from my slumber because the shaking was real. I went back to sleep and then I saw Jesus above me and he had wings… and from his forehead white light came to me and again I started shaking to the point that it woke me up. I went back to sleep and in my dreams, I could see all the chakras of my body start to expand as white light. Starting out as a softball size ball of light in my chest to the size of my whole chest and then out to the ends of the universe. This started with my heart chakra and then spread to the rest of my chakras. And even now all the chakras of my body are full of white light… I can feel it.

And I was full of Divine Energy and I was Healed— Powerful and Amazing!

Jesus was the one I saw… but it was more than Jesus… it was Buddha, Krishna, Yogananda, St. Francis, Sai Baba, and thousands of more Entities of Light that came to me in His form.

And then the next day at 3:30 PM I went out of my room and took it easy because this is a powerful experience. Plus I just had a spiritual surgery, so they want you to take it easy. Plus they want a person to stay out of the direct harsh sun on your head because it can undo the healing of the chakras. So they ask that you wear a hat or carry an umbrella for 8 days after your surgery. Also while taking the herb for 40 days a person is not supposed to consume any black pepper, or spicy hot peppers, or alcohol, or fertilized eggs, and one has to abstain from sexual relations for that whole time because it can undo the healing.

And the next day I was asked to partake of the current room with all the powerful mediums who are meditating. And I will go into that experience and more healing tomorrow.

Here is a photo of some of the Entities of Light – Orbs of Light at the Casa.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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  1. Shireen Hussain says:

    I loved loved loved reading this ! Thank you so much ! Stay Blessed always !🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹

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