“Seeing Visions with John of God”

“My Current Room Experience at Casa”

The next day it was recommended that I partake of the current room at “Casa”. This is a room where lots of very powerful mediums are present who are meditating and also lay people like you and me who are meditating.

I was in the main hall dressed in white by 6:45 AM the current room starts very early so a person needs to have breakfast early and get in line early. In a little while, the preceding of the prayers and talks began and there are hundreds of people in the hall. Next, they bring in all the people who are mediums and lay people to meditate.

People lined up to go into current room for meditation

Settling In

I found a comfortable spot… but they wanted everyone to move over so more people could come in. And at that point, I didn’t know that only the higher mediums were allowed in the main room. But I found a place in the main room near the newbie’s area and settled in. It’s important to bring a good pillow to sit on because those benches get hard very fast… and you are going to be sitting there for awhile. The people who oversee the current room came by but they did not move me back into the newbie room for some reason… interesting.

The current room runs the full length of the morning or afternoon session and that could be 3 hours or 4 hours in length. Depending upon how many people are going to see John of God. So I removed my shoes and brought my water bottle and closed my eyes and started meditating. I have to say that meditating for 4 hours at a stretch without a break and not opening your eyes which is important… is not an easy task… but with practice, it does get easier.

Why Do We Do This? 

There have been many people who have come to “Casa” with all kinds of diseases and they’ve been healed in the current room. In fact, a well know person who had a brain tumor came to “Casa” and all he did was sit in the current room for 2 weeks straight. And low and behold his brain tumor disappeared—it’s all miraculous. And many people believe it’s super important that we all be part of the current room because your body is flooded with spiritual energy.

So I was meditating and after I while I began to relax and feel at home in this place that has some noise. At home, there is no noise at all when I meditate. So it takes time to get used to having people coughing, the attendants whispering, the gentle music they play in the background and the sounds of the people in the hall. But soon or later you start to surrender and a feeling of deep peace comes over you and everything disappears.

At That Point, I had Many Visions

One vision was of a vast ocean that was very calm, there were only slight waves here and there on the ocean. And this vision went on for a long time. The next vision was of a great forest with tall trees and one tree was shaped like a beautiful angel. And the last vision was of a long hall and the hall had a rounded ceiling with lighting on both sides of the hall. And the hall was endless… it went on forever.

I have to say my first experience in the current room was powerful. But my bottom was not used to sitting on those hard benches… and I had to squirm now and then to get my bottom comfortable again. Also, this is part of the charity of giving back to others while we are at the “Casa”. Holding the energy of the current room is vital… and thus we become part of that great ocean of healing energy. In the current room, there is a powerful feeling of being enveloped in a blanket of energy that surrounds everything.

And then all of a sudden it was over, it seemed very short. Then everyone files out and they are given a little cup full of double blessed water. Yes, you heard right, water that is blessed twice to give energy and bring about healing. And people are to only take one cup of this double blessed water because it’s very powerful.

Two People Same Visions

Later that night, after dinner, I was talking with my friend Ryan Beard about his experience in the current room. And it was amazing, he had the exact same visions that I did while in the current room. One vision of the ocean, another of the forest, and the last one of the long rounded ceiling hall that went on forever. Then I was taken back, how could Ryan have the exact same visions I did in the current room, and he did his current room experience the day before? Well, that’s the power and miraculous nature of the current room and “Casa”.

Tomorrow I will talk about a remote healing that took place in Tennessee while we were at “Casa”.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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