“How to Open Up to Your Spiritual Side”

“We are Spiritual Beings Living a Human Dream and People Disregard Their Spirit… Which Leads to Havoc”

Many times I find that people don’t listen to their spiritual side. And this leads to havoc in their lives and they wonder why things are not going well.

Take for instance a man who knows that when he eats wheat of any kind he has lots of stomach and intestinal irritations. Yet he keeps eating it disregarding all the discomfort. Then later he wonders why he’s having inflammation on all over his body and his arthritis is getting to the point that he can’t even get up and move around.

Orbs of Light or Entities of Light


This is a typical disregard for the spiritual aspects of who we are.

Some Listen to that Voice Within and Do the Opposite – There is a young woman who knows she has to take care of herself… yet she would rather take care of everyone else. And because of that she is 100 pounds overweight and has lots of diseases going on. And she cries and feels unhappy about her situation, but at the same time, she is the one who allows all of this to take place. I am not saying this is not sad, it is, but it can be avoided altogether if she would listen to her spirit and allow things to change.

Some Disregard that Voice on Purpose – Then there are those who say they are spiritual but at the same time get angry and even threaten people who have different beliefs. And their life is a constant downward spiral because of all the anger they hold inside. Many are angry about something that happened in their childhood or early life. And have completely forgotten about the whole incident consciously. But in their unconscious mind, that whole scenario is fuming and taking the lead of running their life. They have so much unresolved anger deep down inside that they lash out at anyone who is different. But all of that can change too.

What Can We Do?

80 percent of the people are completely asleep. They have not listened to their spiritual side for years and they are afraid to even go there. But it can be done and I have met people from all over the world who have done this and awakened from their dream.

Notice the Little Things – Notice the little things that most people disregard. All the little lines of light that are all around you. All the blips of energy that come now and then. All the flashes of light that most people disregard. It is all real… and there are Entities from the other side trying to get our attention. Our spiritual world is all around us… it’s always there for us to tap into if we want too. But it takes wanting to do this. And we have to disregard what society is telling us and do our own thing. Why? Because society will poo poo the whole thing every time. Yet there are those who are open to spiritual development and know that all the little things that happen are important. The other side is always sending messages.

Talk to the Entities of Light – Those on the other side of the veil are there for us to talk to all the time. The Entities of Light are always with us, and they try to get our attention. Yet we force our way through life trying not to notice anything spiritual. All we have to do is open up… and allow ourselves to perceive what we’ve never perceived before.

Ask for Guidance – We are not alone, the Entities of Light are with us 24/7. Thus all we have to do is ask and we will be given. That sounds simple and it is… just ask a question. And right away an answer that you did not think would come will answer. At first, this may seem silly, or you might say that’s just my mind answering me… but the reality is… it’s not. The more you talk to the Entities of Light the more they will reveal themselves to you.

How Do I Get to that Point – How do we wake up? Many times it takes some kind of trauma to wake a person from their human dream. Something that trauma is so overwhelming that there is nothing left… and thus what people normally cling to in life evaporates. That’s when spirit can take over and we start listening to the Entities of Light. And for others, it’s a spontaneous process… it all of a sudden happens and they start to believe.

And that’s what it all boils down too—Truly letting go and believing.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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  1. Shireen hussain says:

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  2. what do you mean by “Entities of Light”?

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