“Ectoplasm Appears in My Room in Brazil”

While we in the little town of Abadiania where John of God lives I had a very powerful experience take place. Ectoplasm or spiritual energy made it self-known.

(“See Photo Before, During, and after Ectoplasm— See the Bubbles of Ectoplasm in the Middle Photo below the Blue Shorts… I did change contrast here on this photo so you can see the bubbles better.”)

Noticing Orbs in My Room 

I was in my room and I was noticing all the spiritual orbs of light moving here and there with my own eyes. And I wanted to catch some on film so I decided I would ask my Dad who had passed away in 1988 to appear. And he has come to me many times.

So I started taking photos of my room in general and asking my father to make himself know. The veil between this plane and the plane on the other side is very thin and thus they are able to communicate with us at any time.

I was taking photos, and I did take a few pictures of orbs, but I did not have my father appear. Later I went back to looked at all the photos, I had taken a lot of photos of one particular area of the room just outside the bathroom. And my blue shorts were hanging there, and I was zipping through the photos because there were lots of similar photos… and deleting them.

Then Something Caught My Eye 

So I went back to one photo again and said “What’s That” and I made it larger and it was there… plain as day. It was not in the photo a second before, it was not in the photo a second after… only in this one photo and nothing had changed.

Then I understood that this was an ectoplasmic energy of my father trying to truly materialize himself as a material being. Then it just hit me… Wow, this is amazing. I had heard about ectoplasm and how many people had observed it but I had never seen it myself.

In this photo in the middle, I changed the contrast a bit so you can see the bubbles of ectoplasm that are below my shorts. I have to say, this blew me away, it was amazing and I just sat there and looked at this for a long time. And then I went to dinner and shared the whole experience with everyone else in the group.

For sure we are not alone. Those on the other side of the veil are with us all the time… and they know what we are doing and what we are going through. All we have to do is talk to them, they are with us 24/7… and will never leave us. It’s very comforting to know we are not alone, and when we lose a loved one it’s not goodbye, it’s— I’ll see you later.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider




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