“A Mother Healed of Grief”

One of the people who went with us to see John of God lost one of her daughters to a car accident. And she was having a hard time with the whole thing… and she was having some physical things happen to her body that doctors did not understand. So she decided to go see John of God in Brazil with us.

During her spiritual operation and the 24 hours of relaxing and dreaming she had many visions come to her. One dream was about having a full life review of everything in her life and seeing everything and understanding why everything happened. Also, she was able to see her father on the other side of the veil and finally forgave her father for what happened between them.

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Dr. Paul Haider


We all have our own particular process of healing with John of God, in fact, one of our people who went with us was asked to come back 2 more times by the Entities of Light. She has anger towards herself and also others. And sometimes those types of consciousness healing take longer to heal. In fact, I know one man who had HIV and he was asked by John of God to come back 6 times and he did… and after the 6th time, he was healed.

Some people will have miracles happen right away, others will go and have to grow in faith. Faith is the key to healing all things. In fact, on a rare occasion, John of God came out one day to the main hall and took a look at a lady who was using crutches and said: “You will be healed when your faith is strong enough”. For some people, it will mean it will take some time to gather their faith. And some people come to see John of God and they are not healed at all because they don’t have any faith of any kind.

As John of God Says: “I do not heal anyone. The one who heals is God, who in His Infinite Goodness allows the Entities to use me as a tool. I am truly only an instrument in His Divine Hands.” And the Entities only do their work if there is expressed permission from the person who wants to be healed. This question of faith is super important. Faith is one of the three parts of the healing triangle, thus without faith the trinity of love, faith, and charity… cannot take shape.

So it’s really up to us when it comes to healing, there are no hard and fast rules as to when you will be healed. God in His infinite knowledge knows all and allows us to have free will. Thus we get to choose to have faith, to have love, to have the capacity to give to ourselves and others, and to set ourselves free of everything… because we are truly in a place of peace.

One thing I learned while at the “Casa” with John of God is that I don’t want to ever go back to my old life. I thought I was peaceful before, but now the feeling of peace is amazing! In fact, on Friday of last week, I was so enveloped in a feeling of peace… I thought I was floating in a white cloud. And for me, I will never, ever, give that up… because we can be at peace on this earthly plane… if we allow ourselves to choose peace instead of anything else.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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