“Choosing the Negative or the Positive”

“What Do You Choose?”

Here is a quote by the great American Guru… Dr. David Hawkins who said: “Hell is the final outcome of constantly choosing the negative and thus isolating oneself from love.” And someone yesterday asked me; “why would anyone ever choose the negative?” Here is what I replied.

Choosing the Positive – Some people are just looking for guidance and want advice as to how to make a difference in their life and their health. I have lots of people come to me asking questions, and I am more than welcome to help them in any way possible. They take the advice… and use it to their advantage and become spiritually and physically healthier. And they have great appreciation… and later make even bigger changes in their life. These people are always looking to make things better… it’s part of who they are. And because of their attitude, they attract like minded loving people into their life and thus have lots of love surrounding them. This is the path of love, the path of peace, the path of giving to others and the path of action. And it’s all about choosing the positive path in life, the positive way of looking at everything.

I am sure every one of you have known people who have a positive uplifting outlook on life. And these people are a joy to be around and they make you feel good about being alive. These are the people who choose to be positive… and they spread love everywhere they go.

Choosing the Negative – Then there are people that come to me and ask for advice and they have no intention of using my advice at all. They just want to be heard and be the victim and thus they go back to what they were doing in the first place and blame their life on other people. I have seen this a thousand times. And their lives just keep spiraling down out of control and they wonder why things are not going well. And it really all boils down to choosing the negative all the time for some reason which I don’t have a clue as to why. Many times it has to do with ego, ego keeps them wrapped up in the feeling that they know everything… thus they never allow love to filter into their lives. And thus they have very few friends and feel alone. This is the path of darkness, the path that is always complaining and feels that they know best.

I am sure you have also met people like this. Those that are always negative, sad, and don’t want to learn anything new and are always complaining. And because of this most people don’t want them around… they keep their distance as much as possible.

It’s All a Matter of Choice – We have the power to choose how our life will turn out in general. In fact, I know a young couple who are very capable, who just sit at home and waiting for someone or something to come knocking on their door to make life great. And that’s never going to happen, life is short, and we have to do everything we can in a positive way to make life happen… we have to take action.

One thing for sure, in my life nothing has ever happened by itself. I had to get up and get going. Otherwise, I was going to languish in a state of sadness… and I would never choose that outcome. At the same time, I had to have great trust in God, and know that everything depends on my faith and love.

So What Do You Choose?

The Positive?

Or the Negative?

Either Way is Great!

It’s all part of our power of choice that was given to us by Great Spirit.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider




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