“True Story — Shared Near Death Experience”

Not too long ago, a mother was in the hospital and she had breast cancer and came down with pneumonia and was not expected to live.

And a new doctor assigned to her case and came to see her because she was having problems breathing. And he listens to her chest and ordered a new chest X-Ray but before they had a chance to take the X-Ray she went into cardiac arrest. The new doctor went right into action along with an RN helping him and they started CPR.

And once the lady stopped trying to get everyone’s attention, the doctor, and RN could see a bright light forming behind this lady. Then the ladies attention was taken up by this bright light and it was warm, inviting, and full of love. And at the same time, all of them were taken to the other side of the veil… to heaven. Why we don’t know, but it did happen, and they were all greeted by an entity of light and they were filled with feelings of bliss and love.

Next, a life review took place and the RN and doctor were there with this lady watching everything her life.

Then the lady was told she had to go back and take care of her children, and then all of a sudden everyone was back in their bodies and the lady was alive again. And the doctor and the nurse were also back.

And the lady made a full recovery and her cancer went into remission, and in a couple of weeks, she was released from the hospital. The doctor and the RN still don’t know why they had this shared near-death experience. But they both agreed it was a great gift they will never forget.

Shared near-death experiences happen on a regular basis around the world. And it tells me that we live in the dream of this human experience and our true reality is on the other side of the veil.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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