“Meeting a Loved One in Heaven”

This true story was told to me by Patty Kuras a person who follows my writings and wanted to share an experience she had a few years ago… about going to heaven.

Patty was in her 40’s when on a Friday after work all of a sudden she felt very sad and went home and cried for hours and she did not know why. She had a great boss at work and they were wonderful friends, and her boss stayed late working that Friday. And he worked over the weekend and they found him dead on Monday… her boss had died on Sunday… she must have known he was going to die.

Patty was feeling terrible about her friend’s death for a couple of months. Then one night her friend come to her in a dream. A dream that was so real it was amazing. Her friend was as real as real can be, and her friend took Patty to a place of light and unconditional love in the clouds and he talked to her. And Patty told her friend how much she loved him and missed him.

Then Patty asked “What is Heaven Like” and he said, “I will tell you but you will not remember when you go back”. But she wanted to know so her friend told her all about heaven. This could have been 5 minutes or 5 hours, she could not tell but just before going back to the earth plane… her friend made a joke and said: “Take care of your heart” and all of a sudden she was back in bed, but she did not want to come back at all.

Then she cried because she didn’t want to come back or leave her friend. And she didn’t want to leave that amazing feeling of unconditional love that she felt in heaven.

And Patty told me “Dr. Haider I have a beautiful family and I don’t want to leave, but when my time comes I will welcome my passing with open arms because I know what awaits me on the other side in heaven”.

A True Story!

To me, this is a confirmation of what we will embrace on the other side of the veil… unconditional love. When I read this I get tears in my eyes because I know this to be the truth.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider



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