“Why the World Responds to Our Feelings”

I know a man who drives truck who is always cursing the world and everything is always going wrong for him. And I know a man who is always loving and kind and his world is always positive. What’s taking place?

Divine Particles Responds to Our Feelings

The whole world is full of Divine Particles. These are the essence of God Himself, the energy that is contained in everything in the Universe. And these packets of energy respond to our feelings and thoughts. Myself, I see these divine particles all around me… and they flash on and off in different colors to let me know my mood and what’s going on around me.

Divine Particles Materialize  

Some people even have these Divine Particles coalesce into physical flakes of divine material. They may be gold, red, yellow, silver, blue and other colors and they can form anywhere. People have been seeing Divine Particle materials all over the world.

Thus the feelings we put out into the world are interacting with the Divine Energy of God. And what we put out into the world does reverberate back to us 1,000 fold. Some people might think this is just coincidence… but how can people have this happen over and over again? Ponder that.

There is Karma

Of course, there is karma… and what we have accumulated in the way of karmic energy over the course of many lifetimes needs to be healed. But that karma is also this Divine Energy, and this energy stays with us from one lifetime to the next… it can never be destroyed.

Quantum Particles – Particles of God 

Even science has proven that quantum particles are flashing in and out of existence right before our eyes. Are these God Particles? In fact, there is one anesthesiologist who believes that these particles are consciousness itself which is flashing in and out of existence in the tubules of our brain.

Thus nothing can hurt the soul, the soul is something that exists here and then it is not here. These particles can be everywhere at the same time because they are pure quantum energy.

Dark or Light Clouds of Energy Around People

Thus someone who is angry all the time has a cloud of dark energy around them. And that dark energy creates more dark energy to proliferate more negative challenges. You have probably met people with energy around them.

And the opposite occurs when we are full of loving energy and that Divine Energy cloud of white light hangs over us. Proliferating more positive things taking place in our life. And you have probably met people with this white light cloud of energy around them.

It boils down to that which is echoed in all the spiritual texts.

“We are what we think” and “What we feel is expressed throughout the cosmos”.

What Can We Do

Think and Feel Positive Divine Thoughts and Change Your Life Forever!

This will take time… we have entrenched habits of thinking and feeling lots of negative things.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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