“How to Become a Powerful Tree Called— Love”

If we pass by a restaurant and just read the menu without eating… does the food they serve do us any good? No of course not. And the same goes for spiritual practice.

A Powerful Tree Called Love

There are lots of people who read about love. But actions make life happen. The nature of the word “love” is about being loving and kind. And being loving and kind is only possible with selfless action.

Thus we have to embody the word “Love”… and become love… and thus… where ever we go and whatever actions we take… we spread love.

Then we become like a tree, trees bear fruit, the fruit falls to the ground, and the seeds take root… and new trees start to grow.

Thus we are the trees of love, dropping the fruits of our labors— “loving actions” which take root in the hearts of everyone around us.

But trees are never static, trees are constantly growing, changing, and spread seeds… and thus we are to be like trees of love.

Trees of love are flexible, they are able to bend thus they are humble.

Trees of love are strong, they can withstand the onslaught of those who taunt them.

Trees of love stand tall, they do what they have to do and don’t look back.

Trees of love grow, they are always learning something new in order to help others.

Trees of love bloom with fragrance, which like a smile lightens the hearts of everyone around.

Trees of love give shade, comforting everyone they meet.

And trees of love are supportive, allowing people to gain strength and keep moving forward.

But every tree is different, bearing different gifts.

So be the kind of tree you want to be… and spread love where ever you go.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider



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